Legacy Nutrition: Positive Energy, Healthy shakes, and Teas

Legacy Nutrition

A few years ago, Michaela Crescenzo was that kid who preferred snacking on cold pizza and Oreos for breakfast, avoiding the gym like the plague, and taking naps in her car between college classes. Today, she’s the youngest small-business owner in Lake Dallas and a local champion for health and nutrition.

And when she starts serving up her wildly-popular healthy shakes and energizing teas, people from all over come running.

“It feels surreal, and I don’t give myself enough credit,” Michaela, 24, said. She opened Legacy Nutrition & Energy 10 months ago after her health renaissance. “Getting healthy for myself taught me a lot and made me realize that I want to help others.”

She added, “People come here for different reasons. But once they taste our teas and shakes, they keep coming back.”

Legacy Nutrition isn’t your everyday smoothie or tea shop, many of which have drinks loaded with carbs and sugar. It’s also the only shop of its kind in Lake Dallas. Michaela’s new and improved menu of low-calorie, high-protein shakes, sugar-free lit teas, protein coffee, and more are inspired by Herbalife, a global leader in dietary supplements.

As soon as you walk in, you’re treated like family and inspired by the options at your fingertips. This includes favorites like the Blue Breeze tea, Fruity Pebbles shake, Brownie Batter shake, Cookies & Cream shake, and the Paradise Eiland.

“These are the shakes and teas I tried at home when I started my health journey,” Michaela said. “I remember not liking how I looked and felt. I knew I had to change something and figured, ‘What can go wrong?’ They made me feel so much better, and after I started going to the gym and working on my nutrition, I knew I never wanted to go back to the way I felt before. When someone comes here, they aren’t just a customer. We listen to their goals, ideas, and what they want from life. It’s more than just a quick shake or tea.”

Michaela’s shop started small with her husband and a few family members there to help. But she now has three great employees, all of whom began as customers. She’s also in the perfect location, right next to Legacy Boxing Gym and Lake Dallas Middle School.

“Even if I tried this and it didn’t work out, I’d rather know that than wonder, ‘What if?’” Michaela said. “There are always what-ifs in life, but what if it turns out great and grows beyond what you could have dreamed?”

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