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Furst Ranch Shapes the Future

As the former Chairman of the Board for the Flower Mound Chamber of Commerce, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformation and growth of our beautiful community. 

But nothing quite compares to the promise and potential of Furst Ranch, a project I had the pleasure of discussing with the visionary behind it all, Jack Furst, when he came to our podcast studio to be interviewed by Chamber President Lori Walker. 

The story of Furst Ranch began in 1991 when Jack and Deb purchased their first 55 acres in Bartonville. What started as a modest parcel of land grew over the years into a significant expanse stretching across Highways 377 and FM 1171. This land didn’t just serve as the foundation for their thriving horse and cattle business — it became a cornerstone of community connection and outdoor life.

Jack and Deb Furst’s legacy extends far beyond their professional achievements. It’s woven deeply into the fabric of our community through acts of generosity and a spirit of collaboration. 

Not only did they donate the land for it, but Jack was also a founding member of Cross Timbers Church, demonstrating a commitment to spiritual and community growth. Their influence didn’t stop there. They were instrumental in bringing Liberty Christian School to Argyle, further enriching our area’s educational landscape.

The ranch itself transcends being merely a piece of land. It has evolved into a vibrant hub for connecting with nature and forging lasting relationships. It has provided a scenic setting for Boy Scouts of America and American Heritage Girls troops, serving as a natural classroom and a space for adventure, as well as hosted Wounded Warriors, Heroes On The Water, and many church retreats. 

The ranch’s picturesque landscapes have even caught the eye of Hollywood, setting the scene for iconic television shows like “Dallas” and “Walker, Texas Ranger.” Beyond the camera, the Fursts’ land has been a venue for cherished activities among family and friends, from horseback riding to tranquil afternoons spent fishing or engaging in shotgun shooting. 

This blend of natural beauty, community service, and recreational opportunity underscores the unique role Furst Ranch has played in our collective memory and daily lives.

During our chat, Jack shared the ethos behind Furst Ranch — emphasizing a return to simpler times infused with modern amenities. The development aims to be a sanctuary where residents can slow down and savor life’s moments amid the natural beauty of the prairie. Imagine starting your day with a peaceful walk in one of the many parks, which, by the way, will constitute one-third of all parklands in Flower Mound, thanks to this project.

But Furst Ranch is more than a place to live — it’s a place to thrive. The mixed-use area, covering 1,100 acres, plans to feature a grocery store, restaurants, shops, medical facilities, and a community activities center. This blend of residential and commercial spaces encapsulates our town’s live, work, and play motto, offering a seamless lifestyle transition for all residents.

Jack’s commitment to Furst Ranch is deeply personal, driven by a family legacy that underlines the importance of integrity and community. He shared touching anecdotes about his grandfather’s influence, stressing the weight of responsibility that comes with the family name attached to such an ambitious project. 

This is not just a development — it’s a commitment to excellence, to community, and to the legacy of the Furst family.

Central to the Furst Ranch vision is the concept of a public improvement district (PID), a mechanism that allows for the creation and maintenance of communal amenities funded by the residents of Furst Ranch and not the residents of Flower Mound. This approach not only ensures top-notch facilities but also fosters a shared sense of community pride. And the best part? These amenities will be accessible to all Flower Mound residents, enhancing the quality of life for our entire community.  However, you will not pay for these amenities unless you live at Furst Ranch. Your taxes will not go up because of Furst Ranch, but by building a more extensive commercial tax base, Flower Mound residents will continue to enjoy our lower taxes but also get to enjoy the amenities of Furst Ranch. 

As we look ahead, I encourage every Flower Mound voter to consider the benefits that Furst Ranch will bring to our community. This is a chance to shape our future, to create a space where families can grow, businesses can flourish, and nature can thrive. By supporting the PID, we’re not just investing in Furst Ranch — we’re investing in the future of Flower Mound.

In closing, I want to thank Jack Furst for his dedication and vision. Furst Ranch represents a bold step forward for our community, one that promises to enrich our lives and landscape. Let’s come together to support this incredible project and VOTE YES for Prop G. Here’s to the bright future waiting on the horizon at Furst Ranch! 

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