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Revitalizing Flavors: The Transformation of River Walk’s Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row at the River Walk in Flower Mound has seen a recent surge in activity after a slow start. Chef Greg Retz, who relocated from Jacksonville, FL, and established River Walk F&B (Food & Beverage), took over three previously short-lived restaurants along the River Walk: Primo’s (Tex-Mex), Scout (bar and grill), and Sfereco (Italian).

Upon considering community feedback, Retz and his team initiated a rebranding effort to create more family-friendly concepts and enhance the overall experience of the River Walk. Renovations began immediately, while the existing eateries remained open.

Scout closed shortly after the acquisition, making way for a new establishment, Underdogs Burgers & Brews, in the same space. Sfereco also closed around the same time, with its menu transitioning to Primo’s next door. However, Primo’s remained open until recently.

Retz noted the challenge of making the community aware that the River Walk is open and that Underdogs is serving food and drinks daily.

A barbecue restaurant and bourbon bar called Whiskey & Smoke will occupy the former Primo’s space. Initially, it will offer to-go food options, with plans to open the dining room by August. The menu will feature Texas Wagyu beef, smoked meats, inventive side dishes, and smoked cocktails.

In the former Sfereco location, Pie Hole Pizza is set to open by September. The menu will include 14-inch pizzas, sandwiches, salads, beer, and wine. All items will be made from scratch using high-quality ingredients.

Another addition to the space is Pennywise, a traditional English pub sharing space with Underdogs. Pennywise is expected to open by late August or September and will offer European beers, craft cocktails, and traditional English dishes.

Sugar Fix, a coffee, gelato, and mini-doughnut bar, will share space with Pie Hole. It’s undergoing significant renovations and might open around November. River Walk F&B will also introduce Vinifera, a wine lounge closer to FM 2499, expected to open in September.

Despite encountering construction challenges and unexpected delays, Retz’s team is adapting their approach to complete renovations in stages, allowing some venues to open sooner.

Underdogs currently features live music on weekends, and the River Walk hosts community events, aiming to establish itself as a popular community hub over time.

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