Lash Lounge Stands Out by Listening to and Teaching Customers

Lash Lounge

While more places providing eyelash services are opening, and some are less expensive, Yvonne Hemphill believes the expertise of her stylists at the Lash Lounge in Flower Mound sets it apart. Each stylist is certified in the proper application and audited monthly for quality work. Two of
the salon’s senior stylists, Lindsay Tomlin and Yvette Lopez, were selected as Lash Artist of the Year for 2022 and 2023, and they have been at the salon since 2017. The team has won Best Eyelash Extension Salon in the Best in Denton County competition for five straight years. “To do this service properly, it takes up to a year to be good at it,” Yvonne said. “You can learn to do lash extensions in one training session, but proficiency takes time and dedication. We take time to educate people on this customized service. However, if you are not going to a lash artist who knows how to apply them properly, you’re going to have a bad experience.” Yvonne cautions customers wanting something they see on social media. “There’s a lot of improper application methods being used, unfortunately,” she said. “There are stylists applying extensions that are too heavy for a customer’s natural lash, which will damage them over time. Using proper weight distribution when applying extensions is a technical skill every lash stylist must to adhere to protect the customer’s natural lashes.” Even if means losing a customer, Yvonne will not have her stylists perform services that are potentially harmful. “When a customer comes from another salon, we conduct a consultation to review the existing lashes,” she said. “If we can continue the work of the other stylist, no problem. If the application doesn’t meet our standards, we’ll take a picture, show the damage that’s been done, and recommend removal and a brand-new set. “Some customers become upset and choose to continue seeing their existing service provider. However, many value our attention to detail and sincere care for their natural lashes. We want customers to have a look that enhances their natural beauty and allows them to enjoy lash extensions for a long time.”

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