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Salut Paris Bakery

At four in the morning, Flower Mound resident Chef Jean Chrispin Djomo flicks on the lights to his business, Salut Paris Bakery in the Galleria Dallas. Of course, he was up much earlier prepping for the day, and he likely will not be heading home until late into the night. As a chef and business owner trained in traditional French patisserie and viennoiserie (the bridge between pastries and bread), nearly every ounce of Djomo’s day is dedicated to his craft — and he would not have it any other way. Djomo moved himself and his family to Flower Mound in 2016. He grew up in Cameroon, where he began a 22-year career in IT before his ambition brought him to the states. In 2020, Djomo shifted his life path once more after a call with his sister in France. Within a week, he was registered with EISF, a French pastry school, and pursuing his long-time dream of baking.

“If I was single, I would sell my house and live in the kitchen,” Djomo said. “I want to be a successful baker. It has never been about money first — it is about establishing something that works.” After a year of training and interning under a top chef, Djomo dreamed up Salut Paris Bakery and was ready to wow pastry lovers city-wide. Djomo’s goal as a chef is immersion and authenticity. Salut Paris feels like you are stepping foot into a true French bistro, the proper flavors carry through in the ingredients that are mostly sourced from France, and each bite into a pastry replicates exactly the tastes and textures that might be found at a café near the Eiffel Tower. “We go through all the processes that we need to make sure the quality shows through. If you cheat on one step, there will be some impact on the end product,” said Djomo. “My goal is not to sell croissants.

My goal is to sell the best croissants.” Djomo’s stand-out dishes include his macaroons, croquembouches, and mille-feuille. The latter two dishes are specialty pastries that are rare to find in the states, and rarer still to find them done right. Djomo has taken many steps to give his bakery a competitive edge, including putting his own touch on original French recipes and techniques that date back to the 1800s and offering one of the largest gluten-free selections in the U.S. The bakery is also an ideal source for catering. Djomo provides both sweet and savory options and, as all items are made in-house, enjoys customizing his orders to the event. “When people talk about French pastries in Dallas, I want it to be my name in their mouths,” Djomo said.

Going forward, Djomo hopes to have his pastries in bakeries all over the state, with his home base in Flower Mound. Until then, you can enjoy his tasty and elegant creations at Salut Paris Bakery in the Galleria or grab a catering quote at salutparisbakery.com.

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