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Three Pathways to Comprehensive Care with RIA Aesthetics & Wellness

RIA Aesthetics and Wellness

“I practice with a personal touch to really understand and connect with my patients. And I spend as much quality time with each one as I feel they need. It’s a doctor-patient partnership.” 

 How often do you hear such a heartfelt sentiment like that from your doctor? Most people might say it’s not often. But it’s expected from someone like Dr. Javaria Jabeen, the proud owner of three medical practices under one roof in Flower Mound: Ria Aesthetics and Wellness, YZ Healthcare, and Renew Medical Weight Loss.    

Dr. Jabeen is a trained and board-certified family physician. After graduating from St. John’s University, she continued her education to earn her Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine degree (DO) at the NY Institute of Technology. She completed her residency at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York. More importantly, she cares about people — and that’s what matters most to her many patients.

“I chose to become an osteopathic physician because, as a DO, I focus on a “whole person” approach to medicine that looks beyond the symptoms that have surfaced to gain a deeper understanding of how lifestyle and environmental factors might have impacted the patient’s health,” Dr. Jabeen said. “DOs also receive special training in the body’s interconnection of nerves, muscles, and bones. For a doctor, this collective knowledge about the patient might help avoid possible illness and injury while providing them with the most comprehensive care available.

“The doctor practices medicine utilizing the latest science and technology with pharmaceuticals but will consider options for conservative management. I’m not a doctor resorting to pills, but I will prescribe medications if needed,” Dr. Jabeen said.

Dr. Jabeen moved from New York and opened her practice in 2015. She spent the next five years caring for patients from a 2,000-square-foot building in Flower Mound. Dr. Jabeen later expanded her patient base by adding a full line of aesthetic services known today as RIA Aesthetics and Wellness. The name RIA comes from the last three letters of her first name. She then added a third medical practice under the same umbrella called Renew Medical Weight Loss, for which she is the medical director.

“When a doctor first starts a private practice, they usually have a patient base. Being from another state, I had zero patients in Texas. Once I succeeded in opening my practice, YZ Healthcare, I found out I was pregnant with twins,” Dr. Jabeen said. “It didn’t take long to continue experiencing growth personally and professionally in the years to come. Some of the patients I saw were obese, and I was motivated to concentrate on weight loss within a medical environment.” 

As it turned out, 2021 was a turning point for Dr. Jabeen’s practices. Having far outgrown the smaller space where she began her medical career in Texas, she acquired the beautiful 8,200 square-foot building that once housed Cloud 9 Salon. The building is now home to all three entities. Each has its own entrance, yet they’re all connected inside through a common area. 

Dr. Jabeen is onsite and available to all patients, and so is a nurse practitioner.

RIA Aesthetics and Wellness is a medical spa with the most up-to-date aesthetic services. Treatments range from improving overall wellness with hormone replacement therapy and IV drip therapies for energy and revitalization to cosmetic improvements to the face and body. They also specialize in vaginal and facial rejuvenation, hormone pellets, Botox, facials, massage, laser hair removal for all skin types — especially brown/colored skin — micro-needling, and even lash extensions.

Not to be outdone, the ambiance is tranquil and calming. In fact, Dr. Jabeen is quick to add, “Walk in, and you feel like you’re home — not in a doctor’s office. The Turkish decor is exotic and warm, and first on the menu is a complimentary pre-treatment consultation with Medical Aesthetician Sara Aryal, who’s been with me for over seven years.”

She added, “RIA has been received so well that we’re looking to hire additional massage therapists and estheticians.”

Renew Medical Weight Loss has a 23-day accelerated weight loss program and 14-week lifestyle programs for both men and women. YZ Healthcare is all about primary care that covers the basic health needs for patients of all ages. This includes chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, ADHD, and high cholesterol. 

“At Renew, a consultant first discusses your eating habits and daily routines, then we run lab tests and an EKG to determine your eligibility for the various programs,” Dr. Jabeen said. “Several customized weight loss options serve your needs, including injections and appetite suppressants, such as Phentermine. At YZ Healthcare, we cover the basic health needs of patients from as young as 5 to adults of all ages and unique needs. We accept all types of Medicare and Medicaid, which many medical offices don’t do, and people come from all over the metroplex. My doors are open to all patients and insurance types.”

Within a compassionate and caring environment, Dr. Jabeen and her team are committed to delivering the highest quality care to the Denton County community and beyond. 

“I want to thank my team — Apsara, Celia, Maddison, Malachia, Nadine, and Faiza,” Dr. Jabeen said. “They’re truly a team, each with their contributions.”

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