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Country Lakes Family Dental

Country Lakes Family Dental has long established itself as the area’s premier family dental practice. The Country Lakes team — including founder, general dentist, and owner Dr. Matthew Artho and his three-year associate Dr. Lauren Smits, has been named the Best of Denton County for ten years. The elite dental practice has also received additional recognition from DFW moms, Who’s Who of America Providers, and other local organizations. 

Once again in 2023, Country Lakes Family Dental is one of the three finalists for the Best of Denton County in both family practice and general dentistry categories. 

Offering a wide array of dental procedures from pediatrics and orthodontics to implant dentistry and endodontics, patients are elated to consider this award-winning practice as their one-stop Dental home for the entire family.

Along with an outstanding record of quality and comfortable dental care, what some may not know is that Country Lakes Family Dental has consistent success in restorative cosmetic dental care, specifically in veneers and complete mouth restorations. 

Dr. Matt, as he is known by his patients, cites his education as his source for properly diagnosing, designing, and executing highly esthetic and functioning care. After graduating from Texas A&M University with a degree in engineering, Dr. Matt went on to complete a doctorate in dental surgery at Texas A&M College of Dentistry. 

He continued with an advanced education residency following dental school, receiving training focused on advanced and cosmetic dental care. He serves as a military dentist in the Army National Guard with the rank of Major, and he has received recognition as a Fellow in the Academy of General Dentistry.

When it comes to the treatment of multi-tooth restorative care, Dr. Matt provides each individual with customized treatment according to their needs and desires. “The most important component of advanced cosmetic treatment is the proper diagnosis that meets both the esthetic
and functional expectations of the individual patient.”

Dr. Matt said that often times what the patient desires does not require extensive veneer or crown restorations. In some cases, meeting an individual’s desires is possible with conservative care like whitening or Invisalign. In other cases not every tooth needs to be treated in order to create the smile a patient wishes for.

“Not every tooth falls into the category of what we call the smile zone. If we are able to restore only those teeth that are visible, it allows patients to have the smile they want in the most effective way possible.”

He further explained that some cases are best managed through a multi-factorial approach for the best long-term benefits. This can include initially treating with orthodontics or Invisalign, or in some cases, by placing implants prior to the final crown or veneer care. A great asset to this strategy is the advent of digital treatment planning. 

“We utilize various digital technologies, newer types that even use AI capabilities, to create the final outcome before we even touch a tooth.” He said that these advances not only allow for predictable results but in many cases, same-day treatment.

Teaming up with Dr. Lauren Smits, a Notre Dame graduate who received her dental degree at Indiana University School of Dentistry, Country Lakes Family Dental works effectively to ensure advanced dental care in a pleasant environment. Her prior experience as a dentist in The Woodlands offered great preparation for the high standard of care of our communities. Having completed training on the digital technology offered at Country Lakes Family Dental, her knowledge and her welcoming charm
are a perfect fit. 

In addition to their ability to perform cosmetic oral care and create beautiful smiles, the team at Country Lakes puts their focus on community and family. Dr. Matt and his wife of 21 years, Leigh Ann Artho, are proud parents of nine children, and Dr. Lauren and her husband of 13 years, Bryan Smits, are parents to three. Both families are consistent contributors to local schools and charitable organizations, as well as taking advantage of many volunteer opportunities. They recognize the importance of a giving heart. It goes without saying that Country Lakes Family Dental is making smiles in more ways than one. Our communities are grateful for their constant care and contributions, and their history proves it. If you have not already, please consider Country Lakes Family Dental as your home for all your dental and cosmetic needs. 

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