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Milestones Academy of Texas

Fazilat Notta is a global resident who speaks five languages, including flawless English. She was born in Tajikistan, which was under the control of the former Soviet Union. She has lived in Dubai, the United Kingdom, and now, in Plano, Texas.

Fazilat is an intriguing dichotomy, possessing a significant level of wisdom and intelligence beyond her 35 years, along with the passionate exuberance of a child when discussing her dedication to the Early Years Foundation Stages (EYFS) program of teaching children from birth to 5-years-old. This educational approach is well known for rich, early years experiences and active play. She also
has two master’s degrees, including an M.Ed. from Southern Methodist University in Dallas. 

“Teaching children during their early learning stages is exciting,” she said with enthusiasm. “Children are our greatest treasures. Their minds, from birth to 5, are amazing. They are like sponges, absorbing everything. I’m constantly aware that every word coming from my mouth has an impact on them.”

Fazilat taught according to the EYFS curriculum in Dubai, at the Aga Khan Early Childhood Center. The National Day Nurseries Association recognized her outstanding efforts as an Award-Winning Childcare Practitioner. She also taught in the UK.

Fazilat moved to the United States with her husband Malik and their two children. One of her first tasks was to find a school for their 4 ½-year-old son, which resulted in a staggering disappointment.

“I couldn’t believe it,” she admitted. “All I found were places that changed diapers, fed snacks, put them down for naps, and washed their hands and faces. It was nothing but cookie-cutter childcare, with very little thought given to developing their precious minds. That’s not what I was accustomed to, and neither was my son. I did find one facility that included a mini farm. I grew up in nature and recognized the value, but it wasn’t enough.”

 Since Fazilat does not have an “Oh, well” attitude about anything in life, she devised a solution.

“I decided to start my own school, and Milestones Academy of Texas was born in my mind.” Once something is in her mind, she wastes no time bringing it into reality.

“We found the perfect building site in Lewisville along a beautiful Castle Hills neighborhood.” The rhythm of the conversation changes as the excitement builds in her voice.

“Everything is ready, and our projected opening date is the end of this year. Everything, from the logo to every little detail both inside and out, reflects my passion. We’ll be open 6:30am to
6:30pm to accommodate working parents. We’ll serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks prepared by a professional.
We’ll offer Spanish as well as Chinese in the curriculum.

“The physical setting for the school is beautiful with a playground, a large gym, and spaces for activities such as yoga.” Experiments in the US with early childhood yoga have produced amazing results, Fazilat said. 

“We’ll utilize the EYFS curriculum and overlay it with our own focus on world culture, STEM, activity-based stimulation, and mindfulness. We’ll feed their minds at the time when they can absorb and learn the most.”

She said that one of the most critical aspects of the program is the parents, who are full partners. “They have been unwavering in their support, and I have no concerns about meeting our enrollment goals as well as meet the unique needs of both family and children.”

“The parents are the ones who prepare the children for this path by making them feel loved, safe, and secure. It’s proven children learn best when they are healthy and safe, when their specific needs are met with love, and when their relationships with the adults who care for them are positive.” 

Milestones Academy of Texas has hired qualified teachers, who in addition to Fazilat as the licensed director, are actively involved. “We believe in building teacher capacity, an exciting career experience, with a great deal of attention to children’s learning and growth. We are your village in raising your children and we take our role very seriously.”

One of the end results at Milestones Academy will be children who appreciate the world of learning and whose minds are ready to conquer an ever-changing globe. They could receive no better gift.

You’re encouraged to check the fascinating information on Milestones’ website MilestonesAcademyTX.com.

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