Denton County Update with Bobbie J. Mitchell

Online Resources for Denton County Residents

Last November, we launched FindHelp Denton County in collaboration with the cities of Denton and Lewisville to provide an online resource for our residents in need. 

In the three months since, more than 4,600 new and returning users have visited the website at to look for assistance with housing, food, transportation, health, and other resources. 

An estimated 40 percent of the individuals, who can remain anonymous, searched for housing options. The second most common search was for food, followed closely by health. One of the most common items sought in the goods category was glasses. 

The idea behind FindHelp Denton County was to ensure everyone has access to the latest information available from nonprofit organizations and other entities to help with whatever they may need. 

The search is by zip code, which then narrows down the available resources to those nearby.

Many of us have experienced times of need or know someone who needs an extra hand. By making this tool available, we hope to assist with making the connections between those with need and those who help meet those needs.

We also recently, with the help of United Way of Denton County, launched a website at This online self-care platform allows individuals to access information about mental health needs they or their families may be experiencing. The website also has self-assessment tools available to determine levels of stress, anxiety, or other mental health situations. 

Individuals can anonymously seek information from this website to use as a guide in seeking assistance. This goes hand-in-hand with our Mental Health Navigators program launched last year to allow individuals to call or text “Links” to 940-349-3000 from 9am to noon and 1 to 5pm, Monday through Friday. They will reach a mental health navigator who can assist with finding needed services. 

As Denton County continues to grow, we understand the need for more accessibility to resources as we all navigate this experience we call life. 

Please keep these links in your phone or somewhere handy so that, if needed, you can use them or share the information with someone else. 

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