Castle Hills Eye Care: Here For You from Contacts to Dry Eyes

Castle Hills Eye Care

Putting your trust in Dr. Saied Hashemi, OD, and the rest of his compassionate team at Castle Hills Eye Care simply makes sense. Not only has Dr. Hashemi been practicing optometry for over 20 years, but as a Diplomate of the American Board of Optometry and a board-certified therapeutic optometrist, he is arguably the leading local authority on eye care and ocular diseases.

Simply put, you can trust him for so much more than contacts and new glasses. Perhaps there’s no better example of that versatility than his ability to help you overcome dry eyes, which so many people continue to struggle with and crave relief from.

“We want patients to feel comfortable and confident that they are in the right place from the moment they walk through the door. And the best way to do that is to treat their eye care needs from A to Z,” Dr. Hashemi said. He and his staff are celebrating their third anniversary in Castle Hills this month. 

“It’s not just about glasses. No matter what eye care they need, we can help. Dry eyes, in particular, impact so many people’s quality of life.”

Dry eyes, or ocular surface inflammation, affects millions of Americans every year and is the result of a variety of factors ranging from autoimmune diseases to allergies, medications, hormonal imbalances, and even occasional blockages or clogging of tear glands. Many people don’t realize they are experiencing dry eyes, mostly because they don’t know the telltale symptoms. These can include itchy and burning eyes, chronic watery eyes, blurry vision, styes or chalazions, headaches, and tired eyes. If you experience one or several of these symptoms — even while reading this article — there’s a good chance you have dry eyes.

And if left untreated, the condition will only get worse. This is where Dr. Hashemi can help.

All too many people rely on standard dry eye treatments such as artificial tears and ointments, diet changes, eyelid scrubs, eye massages, and warm compresses. However, these only provide temporary relief. Dr. Hashemi now offers Envision by Inmode, a revolutionary and painless device that uses intense pulse lighting (IPL) and radio frequency (RF) to provide long-lasting, faster treatment for chronic dry eye conditions. IPL and RF have been around for many years in the aesthetic and dermatology profession to treat everything from skin laxity and wrinkles to sun spots, and other inflammatory skin conditions. Only recently was it discovered that this same treatment has an 85% efficacy for dry eyes, including improving the appearance of the eyes, the ocular surface of the eye, and the eyelids. 

“It’s a very relaxing and gentle treatment. In fact, many of our patients fall asleep during the treatment,” Dr. Hashemi said. “We are one of the forerunners in the country to have this revolutionary equipment in our practice, and the progress our patients have seen from using it has been fantastic. They feel better, and their quality of life has improved dramatically.”

What more can you ask for from a locally-owned and operated optometry practice? The team at Castle Hills Eye Care aims to provide the best possible solution for each patient’s eye health and vision needs. By utilizing the latest technologies and evidence-based treatments, they can ensure everyone in their small slice of Denton County maintains optimal eye health.

If you want to learn more about dry eyes and if Envision can help, Dr. Hashemi and his staff highly recommend a free consultation to determine the best treatment options for your unique needs. Each consultation is usually less than 15 minutes and can be scheduled at your convenience. 

Please call, text, email, or visit their website at to schedule your appointment today.

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