Ann Martin: A Trailblazer in Leadership and Public Service

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Ann Martin, currently serving as the Deputy Mayor Pro Tem of Flower Mound Town Council,
embarked on her illustrious career in commercial insurance, amassing over 30 years of
invaluable experience. After raising her son and seeking more opportunities to serve her local
community, Ann felt a strong call to run for Town Council in 2020. Having lived in Flower Mound
for nearly 25 years, she was deeply concerned about the town’s future trajectory. Driven by her
vision and determination, she decided to step forward and represent the interests of the
residents. Winning her first election and running unopposed this year, Ann has proven herself
as a capable leader.
Throughout her life, Ann has drawn inspiration from her mother, a dedicated nurse for over 50
years, and her three close aunts, Nora, Fran, and Sue. They instilled in her the values of
dedication, honesty, compassion, and dependability. Despite being an introvert, she often
recalls the memory of her gregarious Aunt Sue, who never met a stranger, as a source of
For aspiring young women who dream of leadership roles, Ann’s advice is grounded in the
pursuit of knowledge. She emphasizes the importance of reading, understanding the context
and history of the entities they aspire to lead, and listening to all perspectives before developing
a path forward. Respect for those they lead and a discipline for planning are essential traits that
enable them to achieve greatness.
As a seasoned leader, Ann recognizes that successful leadership encompasses various
qualities, including discipline, curiosity, integrity, intelligence, and vision. However, she also
highlights the significance of thinking on one’s feet and knowing when to pivot, especially in
unpredictable situations. Effective communication skills and maintaining composure are crucial
to inspire others to move forward.
When it comes to managing stress and achieving a healthy work-life balance, Ann’s wisdom
stems from her own experiences. Throughout her full-time career and while raising her son, she
learned the value of maintaining a family calendar to ensure commitments were met. She
advises committing to activities for self-care, such as regular exercise and hobbies. Keeping a
library card up-to-date and reading for pleasure are simple yet effective ways to unwind.
Ann Martin’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, inspiration, and service. As
she continues her leadership role in the Flower Mound Town Council, she serves as a role
model for aspiring leaders, paving the way for a brighter future. Her story exemplifies the impact
of empowering leadership on communities and the significance of maintaining a healthy work-
life balance in achieving success.

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