Nicole Smith Woodard: Leading with Purpose and Passion

Nicole Smith Woodard’s journey as a community leader and advocate for positive change began when she moved to Flower Mound in 2014. After her youngest child graduated from high school, Nicole sought opportunities to serve her new community. She joined the Chamber and participated in Leadership Flower Mound, where she had the chance to meet inspiring individuals from Cross Timbers Rotary. Recognizing the potential for making a difference in both local and global communities, Nicole was drawn to Rotary’s mission of service.

Throughout her career, Nicole has found professional inspiration from a network of coaches and mentors. These successful women — met through her real estate career, Toastmasters, and community involvement — have played a pivotal role in her personal and leadership growth. Among her recent sources of inspiration is Jennifer Jones, the first woman to hold the position of Rotary International President. Jennifer’s achievements are particularly remarkable as women were only allowed to join Rotary in 1989, following a Supreme Court decision. In her local Cross Timbers Rotary club, Nicole witnesses the power of women’s leadership, with more than 50% of the club comprising strong female members, including five of the eight past Presidents. For young women aspiring to become leaders, Nicole’s advice is straightforward: Just do it. She emphasizes that the only limitations to success are the barriers we create in our minds. To grow and progress, Nicole recommends seeking guidance from individuals who are further along in their journey and surrounding yourself with lifelong learners and compassionate givers.

In Nicole’s view, the most important qualities of a successful leader encompass a range of virtues. Integrity, a cornerstone of ethical leadership, guides decision-making and builds trust. Positivity and inclusivity create a nurturing and supportive environment where everyone’s voice is heard and valued. Demonstrating love and compassion fosters strong connections and empathy, while a clear vision for a brighter future sets the direction for growth and impact. Regarding stress management and work-life balance, Nicole offers a unique perspective. She believes there is no clear boundary between work and life; instead, it’s all part of a cohesive whole. Having faced personal challenges, including the sudden loss of her mother and her sister’s husband’s battle with cancer, Nicole has learned to redefine her work priorities. She now exercises greater selectivity in accepting clients and assignments, recognizing that every ‘yes’ to one opportunity means saying ‘no’ to something else.

Maintaining an active faith life and adhering to a non-negotiable morning routine provide stability and grounding in the face of life’s demands. Nicole has embraced the idea that rest is a valuable luxury, as it promotes well-being and rejuvenation. Nicole Smith Woodard’s journey as the President of Cross Timbers Rotary exemplifies a commitment to serving others and driving positive change. Her leadership philosophy, rooted in integrity, inclusivity, and compassion, serves as a guiding light for aspiring leaders in her community and beyond. With her passion, purpose, and dedication, Nicole continues to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others, leaving a lasting legacy of service and inspiration.

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