All American Towing: ReInventing the Standard

All American Towing

Imagine your vehicle breaks down in the middle of the night on a lonely road somewhere in Denton County. You are all alone and don’t want to wait hours for help to arrive. That’s when it’s time to call All American Towing and Recovery.

The Justin-based company will quickly respond to get your vehicle where it’s needed to go, both safely and efficiently.

“We don’t like for customers to have to wait hours for service. We will have trucks to anybody in the county within 30 minutes,” said 34-year-old Mike Phillips, who owns the company with his wife Lainie.

“We stage trucks in a strategic fashion based on peak travel times, traffic patterns, and past events so we are in the right areas at the right times. We have trucks stationed all throughout Denton County.”

Towing has been in the Georgia native’s blood his entire life. Mike learned the business alongside his grandfather, from the time he was a young boy. 

“I’ve been in a wrecker full-time since I was 18,” Mike said. “It’s the only thing I know how to do.”

“Even with the large number of drivers we have, Mike loves being in a truck and still is regularly,” Lainie said.

After moving back to Texas in 2010, Mike started the All-American brand with an equipment moving business. 

“We hauled equipment the first couple of years then added a wrecker into the fleet,” Mike said. “Once we saw that the wreckers were going to be busy, we rebranded as a towing and recovery company. We still haul equipment. We have five trailers in the equipment hauling division and 39 tow trucks in total.”

More tow trucks have been steadily added to the fleet since Mike and Lainie launched their Justin headquarters location in early 2019. They have since added new locations in Pilot Point and Denton. 

Together, Lainie and Mike oversee all daily operations in the company. Their team now consists of 55 people, including drivers, managers, dispatchers, and office personnel.

All American Towing and Recovery responds to more than 15,000 calls a year for passenger cars, trucks, motorcycles, and commercial vehicles. Nearly half of the calls are initiated by law enforcement agencies in Denton, Grayson, and Wise counties.

“In 2023, our average ETA for a law enforcement tow was 14 minutes and 44 seconds, from the time we were called to the time we are at the scene,” Mike said. “Most companies average 40-45 minutes. So, we do things a little differently around here. Our job is to clear the roadway and get the motorist and officers off the roadside as quickly and safely as possible.”

Along with assisting law enforcement agencies and local fire departments, All American Towing and Recovery works with commercial fleets, car dealerships, body shops, car rental companies, insurance companies, national transportation companies, and the general motoring public.

In addition to the towing business, Mike and Lainie also own a HAZMAT emergency response company called North Texas Spill Response. 

“We have the ability to handle any roadside incident in-house,” Mike said. “We were actually the first standalone HAZMAT company in Denton County.” 

“To keep our crews from having to wait on busy highways for equipment from outside vendors, we decided to start our own,” Lainie said. “We have all of our own machines and clean-up equipment, and we’re constantly adding to our fleet to ensure that we can handle anything that comes along in a quick and professional manner.”

All American Towing and Recovery also prides itself on giving back to the communities it serves. This includes sponsoring multiple events such as parades, festivals, and holiday events, as well as non-profit organizations like Denton County Friends of the Family.

“We have an awesome team, and everyone takes a hands-on part in these events too,” Lainie said. “Career days, car shows, trunk-or-treats, touch-a-truck events — we attend them all. It’s always a lot of fun.”

All American Towing and Recovery is available any time day or night. For more information, visit allamericantowingtx.com or call 940-627-2800.

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