Little & Logue: Dynamic Duo of Family Law

Little & Logue Famaily law

Though they will celebrate their first year in business together in June, attorneys Thomas Little and James Logue are no strangers to helping families with their legal issues. 

Before combining talents to open the Little and Logue family law practice in Flower Mound, Little worked for Hayes, Berry, White, and Vanzant in Denton practicing family law. He later opened his own family law practice in Flower Mound, Little Family Law, while Logue spent more than a decade working at KoonsFuller, a large family law firm with offices across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.  

A native of Kilgore, Little played football at Texas A&M University. After college, he served in the Army for five years then earned his Master of Business Administration degree. He worked in the corporate world for seven years before realizing it wasn’t what he wanted long-term. 

“I always thought that, in the corporate world, you’re not really dealing with issues that are personally important to people so much,” he said. “I wanted my work to be interacting with people and helping them to find resolution to matters that are important to them.” 

In pursuit of this calling, Thomas gave up the corporate world and graduated law school in 2013.

Dallas-Fort Worth native Logue earned a business degree from Texas A&M in 2009 and then studied law at Texas Tech University, graduating in 2012. Following graduation and passing the bar exam, Logue began work as a family law attorney at KoonsFuller, catering to a wide range of clients, including high net worth, business divorces, and complex child custody matters. 

Bringing their own unique backgrounds and experience to the table, Little and Logue was formed to confer quality, personal representation for their family law clients in Denton County, focusing primarily on divorce and child custody cases, as well as simple will and estate planning matters. 

“Our experience equips us to cater to clients with a wide range of unique issues, whether it involves a business in divorce or the complexities of mental health or substance abuse issues with a parent, or a child with special needs in a child custody matter,” Logue said.

“We actively try to settle cases, while also standing ready to litigate when favorable settlement isn’t viable,” Little said. “James and I also sometimes serve as mediators in family law cases (a neutral third party to facilitate settlement).”

“We bring value to our clients through our experience and customizing our case strategy to promote accomplishing our client’s unique goals in the family law setting,” Logue continued. “Family law is not a one-size-fits-all type of practice when it comes to clients. Catering to our client’s values and priorities and devoting our efforts accordingly is what sets us apart from other firms in the family law arena.” 

“When I first meet with new clients, I try to figure out ‘what is the best approach to get this finished,’” Little said. “What’s the best path for this person, not just what’s the normal path that everyone does. I usually tell clients there are a few ways to do this. Let’s figure out the best solution for you. 

“We believe in treating our clients with respect, conducting our business with integrity, and focusing on our clients’ needs,” Little said.

“In family law cases, nobody is better suited to decide what is in the kids’ best interest than the parents,” Logue added. “Respecting my client’s opinion and perspective and crafting our strategy to secure the outcome that is in their kids’ best interest is a priority. Our ability to relate to our clients and understand where they are coming from is of utmost importance to effectively pursue and accomplish their goals for their case, especially when it comes to kids.” 

“Our clients can come in and have a normal conversation and we’ll try to figure out what needs to happen, do your divorce the best way we can, and not try to confuse you along the way,” Little said. “We pride ourselves on leaving our clients in a much better situation than when we first met them.”

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