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The Leaning Center Hickory Creek

There was a time when Osato Ayeni resisted the idea of putting her children in daycare. These days, she wouldn’t dream of choosing any other option for their social and educational development — so much so that she and her husband, Tope, are the proud owners of not one, but two, franchise locations of The Learning Experience. And one of them is right here in Lake Cities.

The Ayeni family opened The Learning Experience in Hickory Creek on February 12 to rave reviews from parents and children alike. Just in time for summer, TLE is quickly becoming the perfect place for your child to explore their curiosity and learn.

“From a mother’s perspective, I love everything about it — the colors, the culture, the people, and the children,” Osato said. “The social benefits of children attending daycare are bar none, and I say that with absolute confidence.” 

She has also owned a location in McKinney since 2021. “Our boys, Tobi and Tomi, went to TLE, and our daughter, Teni, is enrolled now. The one thing I tell parents is that I would never encourage them to put their child in an environment that I’m not comfortable putting my children in.”

The Learning Experience in Hickory Creek serves children as young as six weeks old to six years old and prides itself on a safe, nurturing environment for them to socialize, learn, and grow during the most formative years of their lives. Parents have plenty of options for childcare, and there are more than just a few reasons to choose TLE. For one, their Learning Experience Academic Program Curriculum (L.E.A.P.®) uses fun, hands-on activities to help children develop intellectually, socially, and cognitively by exploring and doing at their own rate of development. This innovative approach to early education ensures children are exposed to STEM-based concepts interwoven through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

To bring learning to life, TLE also incorporates many fun and energetic characters to help teach children a new value or activity. For example, Flexi the Flamingo teaches children the importance of being physically active. Two Plus Toucan teaches math. Penny Polite teaches manners. Pablo Pigasso teaches art, and Sonar teaches underwater safety. 

Everything is bright, colorful, and engaging — fostering an environment where children can’t wait to be dropped off each morning. 

“When I tell you that we will give you and your child our very best, you can count on getting exactly that,” Osato said.

Osato is there almost every day, and though she never said it directly, she may be making up for lost time. Before getting into childcare, Osato spent 17 years as a financial analyst. She loved her job but envisioned a life away from corporate America and was eager to work with her husband to figure out their next adventure. 

“We were brainstorming, and the one thing I kept returning to was my love for children,” she said. “Our house has always been the party house on our street — kids come over, and I always have fun events and activities planned for them. It’s a passion, so jumping into childcare was honestly a no-brainer. We had experience with TLE because of our kids when we were in Plano, and I loved it.”

As for the future, Osato said the sky is the limit. Her staff is happy and growing, and they offer many ways for parents to stay connected to all the fun things going on at their facility. This includes monthly newsletters, everyday photos and notifications to keep parents updated on what their young learners are doing, monthly calendar updates, and social media.

You can follow The Learning Experience in Hickory Creek on Facebook at @TheLearningExperienceHickoryCreek. You can also schedule a tour and visit them online at thelearningexperience.com/centers/hickory-creek/.

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