Adding Value to Homes

Your home should be a story of who you are and be a collection of what you love.” We all could relate to Nate Berkus’ famous quote in some way or the other. We want to have the best of the best for the space we live in without compromising on quality. What we choose for ourselves, no doubt is the reflection of who we are.

With its products reflecting timeless styles and designs, The Ranch Arrangement stands out from the crowd. It has been Dentonites’ local distinctive furniture shop for more than a decade. “Brown leather is timeless and will always be in style. Blues, grays, taupes, and beige are in right now, with greens and golds trying to make a comeback,” the owner Tyler Hawkins speaks of the customers’ preference. “It all depends on someone’s style as to which pattern they are after, and even then being as creative as they want by having an
eclectic mindset.”

The 6,000 square feet of show space proudly offers elegant leather upholstered and wood furniture. The store has recently added the rug room, adding beauty to the site. Many locals are attracted to the showroom just to steal a glance at it. “We have rugs as fine as hand-knotted, onyx accessories, art, western flower arrangements, and modern succulent flower arrangements,” he mentioned.

The store’s furniture is made from solid wood, no veneers, and nothing less than top grain leather upholstery. No imitation or faux leathers, which ensures the authenticity of the products. “Our direction for the business is ‘modern ranch,’ which will allow our customers a transitional look,” he remarked. The name itself speaks volumes.

All the ready-to-sell house furnishings are built to last long, and many items can be fully customized. The interior design services and custom options make The Ranch Arrangement unique to itself. “I have 190 different types of leather available with one upholstery line,” said Hawkins, who owned the business in May 2021.

Tyler himself has lived the story of falling in love with the elegance of leather and wood. As a kid, when he first experienced the touch of a beautiful sectional with down cushions in his family friend’s living room, all he could think was, “wow!” “I felt like those cushions could just swallow you, comfort was undeniable, and the smell of leather was always in the air,” the memory of that day is still relatively fresh on his mind. “Now I have the opportunity to provide the same for customers. And 20 years later, our friends still have that sectional. Quality speaks for itself.”

Tyler grew up riding horses. He would get up at 5 am and go to work cattle for local ranchers, then air out wet saddle pads after dark. Along with his brother, he had a small band of Spanish goats that were always getting out. The two brothers rode a lot just to check the fence, fix the fence, and gather those wanna-be rabbits. “I feel like this business is a great way to support the livestock industry by providing customers with quality leather furniture,” he remarked.

Every time someone buys something to place in their home, it improves their quality of life. The Ranch’s customers share a mutual feeling, looking for quality more than anything. “My goal for The Ranch Arrangement is to provide quality, well-made leather upholstered and wood furniture that people can hand down to their kids,” Tyler shared.

This is his first venture in the furniture business. He’s enjoying the journey so far as he continues serving the County not only with excellent products but with heart.

“I feel like I’m home (at the store). There are the bare-bones basics. I open, and I close. There is furniture coming in and furniture going out. Historically, the available styles and designs at The Ranch Arrangement were very rustic and western, representative of ranch life.”

He says it’s still going to be distinctly Western, but the definition will be broadened. “I would not have made it this far without God’s grace. He’s always there for us,” he sighed in pleasure.

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