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Archer Performance

Aaron Archer knows the phrase, ‘no rest for the weary’, all too well. In fact, some of his close friends might jokingly argue there was a time not too long ago when he was a living, breathing definition of that lifestyle.

For years, Aaron got up at 5 a.m. every day. He traveled the Metroplex as a popular certified strength and conditioning specialist, splitting time between a studio he worked at in Colleyville and private clients who preferred in-home personal training. But rather than go home and rest at night, he’d change clothes and head off to his second job at the airport.

“I was a forklift driver for FedEx when I was 19, then switched to a great job at American Airlines, where I’d be loading bags, pushing planes out, etc.,” Aaron said with a laugh. “I got told a lot — especially during those days — that I needed to take a break.”

He added, “I don’t have to do that anymore. But it did put me in a position to do what I’m doing now.”

Aaron is still a workhorse and prefers to put in a full day. But these days, his focus is helping you get into the best shape of your life as the proud owner of Archer Performance Training and Fitness. Located in the Pecan Acres area near Haslet, Archer Performance Training offers a clean, comfortable one-on-one environment to train hard, learn, and reach your goals faster —all while having fun on the journey.

Aaron has a degree in exercise science from TWU and is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). His goal was to create a space that is a clear departure from the cookie-cutter big-box gym world. Archer Performance Training and Fitness focuses heavily on helping clients achieve strength, power, mobility, pliability, endurance, and longevity rather than relying on a pre-determined list of exercises that don’t adjust to a person’s unique needs.

Archer Performance clients benefit from a customized approach that’s intentional and focused on life-changing results.

“If you go to a big-box gym, the personal trainers have a clipboard with a list of exercises; you do those exercises, and you’re running through pretty fast,” Aaron said. “But here, the training is based on what works best for the client that day. If you’re sore, and all we do is rely on a list of exercises because that’s what’s written down, then you will get hurt and not progress. I want people to leave here thinking, ‘I got a good workout. I can move, and I feel great.’ I promise you that a person who goes 70% seven days a week can beat the person who goes 110% two or three times a week and is sore and dead tired for the rest of the week.”

Archer Performance Training is jam-packed with everything you need: free weights, racks, sleds, rowers, kettlebells, bands, treadmills, cycles, and leg press machines. They also have all the recovery tools imaginable and mats for stretching, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling.

Aaron works with anyone from any walk of life, too. He’s the go-to choice for many local athletes and focuses heavily on injury prevention and post-physical therapy needs.

“I played baseball growing up and hurt my arm pretty badly when I was 18,” he said. “At the time, I didn’t know what tendonitis was and just kept playing through the pain. My doctor gave me medicine and told me to rest, but my arm never improved. Going through that steered my life in the direction of helping people avoid or recover from injuries that, in the past, no one would ever take care of. We can cater training here to fit their unique needs. You can’t do that elsewhere.”

Since opening his facility, Aaron has gone from working with 40 clients to roughly 70. And that number will only grow as word travels about the benefits of Archer Performance Training and Fitness.

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I always wanted to have a gym that focused on what’s missing in the performance and fitness world — injury prevention, movement, mobility, stretching, etc.,” Aaron said. “I have that now, and I love helping people.”

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