Affordable Quality Pet Care

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection

There are few joys quite like pet ownership. Our pets make amazing companions, so much so, that they are best described as family members. We often refer to our pets as “fur babies” and with how cute they are and how much they rely on us for food, shelter, attention, and medical care, it is hard to see why not. Unfortunately, for some, quality care isn’t an affordable option. That’s why the work that Texas Coalition Animal Protection (TCAP) does is so important to families across North Texas.

TCAP is a recognized 501(c)3 nonprofit founded in 2002 as a low-cost spay and neuter clinic. They originally offered affordable spay and neuter services for both dogs and cats, but have expanded to offer other services such as vaccinations, dental cleaning, microchipping, flea/tick prevention, as well as heartworm testing and prevention. In the intervening years, TCAP has expanded to eight different standalone locations across North Texas located in Allen, Arlington, Burleson, Denton, Fort Worth, Garland, Hurst, and Weatherford. Even if you don’t live near one of their clinics, chances are that TCAP is never far from your home with one of their travel “MASH” style clinics, “We understand that people have jobs and cannot always make the drive to one of our main clinics, so we make ourselves available throughout DFW at local animal shelters and community centers,” says TCAP Executive Director, Stacey Schumacher.

Texas Coalition for Animal Protection contracts licensed veterinarians with extensive surgical experience who are well-versed in preventative animal care. These licensed veterinarians are supported by TCAP’s highly trained team of compassionate veterinary technicians and assistants. As a non-profit with a team that brings a unique combination of experience, training, and compassion to the table, TCAP is able to offer the highest quality of care for the most affordable price available in DFW. On average, TCAP’s prices are 70% less than a traditional full-service clinic.

TCAP partners with outstanding animal and rescue shelters across North Texas. Each TCAP employee is committed to the fight against euthanasia in our local DFW shelters. “The answer to stopping euthanasia and overpopulation starts with prevention,” Schumacher said. For the past two decades, TCAP has been a leader in animal welfare. TCAP provides the lowest prices for preventative animal care throughout the entire North Texas area. TCAP provides these quality services to indigent individuals and families that lack the financial ability to provide the proper animal care that their pets need. TCAP’s ability to offer affordable quality care is owed greatly to the generosity of the Denton County-based nonprofit’s donors and sponsors.

With the ongoing recession, many families across North Texas are experiencing financial hurdles while still attempting to recover from the impact of the pandemic.
As a result, many people are feeling increased pressure to provide for themselves and their families, much less their beloved pets. “In today’s economy, many pet owners find themselves making the decision to put food on the table for their family or take care of their pet’s basic wellness needs,” says TCAP’s Director of Programs, Robert Knox. “We don’t want to see pets end up in shelters. Our mission is to save lives, and we want to keep families and their pets together as much as possible.”

In 2022 alone, TCAP performed more than 67,000 spay and neuters and more than 149,000 rabies vaccinations for local animals. TCAP’s staff are pet lovers first and foremost. The entire staff at TCAP is committed to providing the care that your family’s pet deserves. With each low-cost procedure, TCAP is saving lives and keeping families together. With results like that, it’s easy to see why TCAP holds such a special place in the hearts of so many families in North Texas.

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