Magnolia Center

Magnolia Center

Hi My name is Zak Mojra, builder/developer and business manager of Magnolia Center, the new retail addition to the beautiful city of Corinth.  Other than its beauty the lake cities hold a special place in our hearts because of its friendly and peaceful atmosphere and strategic location, as it offers easy access to Dallas, the airport and the rest of the DFW area, all within a short 30-minutes drive. Our goal was to create a center that matches the beauty of this area. I hope we were able to achieve this in the eyes of the residents. It brings me joy to be able to contribute to the growth of the area and be able to provide a first class center that the community deserves. I know Corinth residents will enjoy the convenience of close-by retail essentials and will support the businesses at the center in order for them to thrive and provide even more desirable services. This center  belongs to you. Please support your local retailer. 6820 S. IH-35, Ste. 200 • Corinth, TX 76210

Rock box fitness – Corinth | 6828 S. IH-35, Ste. 155 • Corinth, TX 76210 | 940.629.5904 |
Hi! My name is Ryan, proud owner of Rockbox Corinth,  and becoming a business owner has been a lifelong aspiration of mine. From a young age, I diligently saved money, and after 20 years, I am finally ready to make that dream a reality. Sports have played a significant role in my life, as I have engaged in various activities such as soccer for 5 years, hockey for 5 years, cycling for 7 years, mountain biking for 8 years, and boxing for 2 years. I decided to open up Rockbox in Corinth because of the community’s kind and gentle nature is what I loved most about the area. The peacefulness that surrounds the area is truly remarkable and I can’t wait to help our local residents get healthy. Personally, I manage stress through regular exercise and ensuring I get sufficient rest. As a gym owner, maintaining a healthy work-life balance is especially meaningful to me, alongside listening attentively to others and prioritizing taking care of your team. Being a leader is someone who is committed to self-improvement and uplifts those around them. Can’t wait to meet some of our local residents. Drop by and say hello, and I’ll show you around our new facility.

DFW BEER & WINE – 6828 IH-35, Ste. 120, Corinth, TX 76210 | 940.326.9035
DFW SMOKE SHOP – 6828 IH-35, Ste. 150, Corinth, TX 76210 | 940.326.9034

Most people think DFW Beer & Wine is just a liquor store — but we are so much more. I’m James Subedi, and I am the manager at DFW Beer & Wine and the DFW Smoke Shop. DFW Beer & Wine is a full-fledged convenience store with a wide selection of wine and beers. We also have an ATM, cigarettes, lottery, snacks, dairy, ice, fountain drinks, medicines, frozen food, ice creams, candy and more. DFW Smoke Shop is a smoke and vapor shop, and we carry the widest selection around, including CBD, Delta, Hookah, Kratom, fine cigars, e-cigs, pipe tobacco, and tobacco accessories. 

Prior to going into retail, I had worked in information technology. However, I always had a passion for business and earned a master’s degree in business management. With my wife and family’s support, I was able to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations. My 13-month-old son and my pets are my stress relief. I try to work only five days a week and have a couple of days for family and friends.

We are now open in Corinth, and the people in our community are what I love the most. Our customers are incredibly friendly, and we greatly appreciate the recognition, feedback, and reviews we receive from them on a daily basis. Their support and interaction bring us joy. 

We take great pride in providing excellent customer service in our businesses. Come see us! 

Simple Simon’s Pizza | 6828 S. IH-35, Ste. 160 • Corinth, TX 76210 | 940.498.2488 |

go-to choice for delicious food. It just made perfect sense to share the outstanding food we love with everyone else.

And why not pick the Lake Cities area! The Lake Cities area is truly a special community. It embodies a close-knit atmosphere, enriched with genuine Southern hospitality. The people here embrace values such as character, morals, and manners. They exemplify what it means to be good neighbors, always extending helpful hands and sharing smiles along with pleases and thank-yous. We cherish our small spot in this wonderful community.

When starting your own business, you can’t ever give up. You have to believe that anything is possible. Put in the work and define your own version of success. Remember that perseverance is everything, and tenacity should be embraced rather than shunned. Grit is an essential requirement on the path to achieving your goals. And myself and my family have done this.

Some people ask me how do I maintain a healthy work-life balance, and I say, “That’s a great question! I’m genuinely interested in hearing the response as well.” Come see us at Simple Simon’s -Corinth. We’d love to meet you.

Wing daddy’s | 6828 S. IH-35, Ste. 100 • Corinth, TX 76210 | 940.409.9647 |

I started my journey working odd jobs at a very young age, from shoveling snow to having a paper route. My first taxed job was at McDonald’s when I was 16, but it became challenging to balance work and school due to the hours. After high school, I joined the military and remained stationed in El Paso, Texas. I started working at a Mexican restaurant called Carlos and Mickey’s, starting as a server and taking on various roles as needed, including dishes, cooking, and bartending. I loved it. Soon after, I was offered a management position at a golf course, which I took for the experience and free golf. It was there that I learned a lot from a great mentor.

I later joined Chili’s, where I received formal training and continued to learn. Eventually, I was offered a partnership to open a new Mexican restaurant called Leo’s. After six years, we sold the restaurants. I worked for Wing Daddy’s as a general manager for two years and then made a partnership with my business neighbor, Todd Roberts. Currently, I am blessed to have three locations in the DFW area, including our newest one in the Magnolia Center in Corinth/Lake Cities.

I have been happily married to my amazing wife Jessica for 18 years, and we have two children. Erick, our 23-year-old son, and my only daughter, who is 18, work with me at the Corinth location. Being able to spend more time with my daughter is a true blessing since I used to be always working. I love small towns where we can establish genuine family-like relationships with our guests. It brings me joy to operate as a neighborhood family restaurant where we know everyone.

For entrepreneurs, my advice is to be prepared for failures on the path to success. Learn from those failures and avoid making the same mistakes again. Successful leaders lead by example, wear multiple hats, and are ready to work closely with their employees to achieve daily, weekly, and monthly goals. It is important for leaders to explain the “why” behind company processes and emphasize the importance of assigned tasks. They should never ask someone to do something they wouldn’t do themselves.

When it comes to handling stress, I prioritize what’s important in life: God, family, and golf.

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