Marine Veteran Launches ATV Business

Cross Timbers ATV

With a rising popularity of powersports and off-roading vehicles, sales are on an upward trend lately. There are many practical incentives for purchasing an ATV or UTV– to connect with nature, get yard work done faster, teach your kids safe driving skills, and more.

These robust vehicles are built to withstand all kinds of terrain. But, like any vehicle, there is always the possibility of unexpected repairs and the need for regular tune-ups. So it’s important to have a reliable, trustworthy mechanic who specializes in ATVs and UTVs – one like Cross Timbers ATV.

“Doing the scheduled preventative maintenance on your ATV/UTV is very key in making sure your equipment is up to par,” said veteran and owner of Cross Timbers ATV Nate France.

Although he was born in Arizona and lived in Indiana briefly, Nate proudly calls Flower Mound home since moving here in 2011. Shortly after graduating from Flower Mound Highschool, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, which he finds made the most impact on his outlook on the world. Describing his quick and efficient business ethics, Nate said,
“There is no funny business. Get what needs to be done, get it done, and go home.”

Nate was stationed in Twentynine Palms, California for most of his four-year enlistment. During his time in the Marines, he was involved in various recovery missions and fixed-up military ATVs.

At first, he spent a lot of time troubleshooting vehicle issues. But over time, with more experience and the help of a military contractor that took him under their wing, Nate got better at identifying maintenance issues. Since he learned how to solve problems on the spot, under stress, and get things done in a quick manner “solving all the problems in the most efficient way possible.”

In the final few weeks of Nate’s enlistment, he received the Navy Achievement Medal, recognizing the work he did in his Unit in maintaining a fleet of 24 Polaris RZRs. January will mark his third year as a certified ATV mechanic. Though, he sometimes still has to remind himself that he can take things slow if he wants to. “I have learned to not go a million miles an hour and to take things in a more formal and business way. Not everything goes as fast as it did in the Marine Corps.”

Nate is happy to be back in Texas and wants to be known as both a great mechanic and a loving husband. He’s just getting started, so if you’re in need of an ATV/UTV mechanic and want to support a veteran, Cross Timbers ATV is just the place!

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