Start With Patio Decking

There’s no questioning it. Over the past two years, many homeowners have spent more time in their homes and around their families than ever before. Since the pandemic, the construction industry has seen a major increase in home renovation projects. As many people envision a beautiful patio or backyard refresh, knowing where to start and finally pulling the trigger on a project is usually the hardest part. From brand new patio builds, to remodels of outdated spaces, a change in decking can make a significant impact on the feeling you get when you open your back door.

When deciding which decking material you want to use, consider factors such as budget, maintenance, safety, durability, and how the look ties into your home and landscape. A lot of “older” homes here in North Texas have a mixture of a classic gray broom finish or aggregate decking, and while these options are budget-friendly and durable, a simple update such as adding a textured or stamped overlay with color can really add an appealing aspect to the aesthetic of your patio while not breaking the bank. An upgrade from your broom or aggregate finish would be a stamp type Overlay which may have a sleek look, but because most of our soil in North Texas consists of highly expansive black clay, one of the only guarantees you will find here are the hairline cracks due to ground movement. Paired with the maintenance required from concrete overlays (coloring-traction-sealers), our simple solution here at CES is to scratch the poured concrete decks altogether and consider a concrete or natural stone paver.

Concrete and natural stone pavers come in all different colors, sizes, and patterns. For most outdoor applications, we suggest sticking with lighter tans, grays, and white color schemes because of the overall heat absorption and reflectivity when dealing with DFW’s average summer temperatures reaching into the mid 90s.  If the temperature of your deck is high on your priority list, you have or are planning to put in a swimming pool, there isn’t a better option than doing a natural stone like Travertine paver deck material.

If you plan to do additional construction to your backyard project like adding patio covers, landscaping, or building a swimming pool, you will always need a plan for your patio decking. Compare the pros and cons so you can get started on your dream backyard project today! 

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