Doing All The Right Things so Women Feel Beautiful

All The Things Med Spa

Visiting a med spa has become as common as booking a dentist’s appointment, and many clients feel that both services are equally necessary to their well-being. Generally, medical spas are serene, dimly-lit waiting rooms playing elevator music and displaying gurgling fountains or bubbling fish tanks. It’s an environment intended to put you at ease…or to sleep. How many med spas have you visited that are energetic, filled with laughter, and the atmosphere is one of fun? Yes, fun!

On March 3, 2022, standard concepts like serenity were about to be reshaped when an innovative, cutting-edge med spa opened its doors in Flower Mound. All The Things Med Spa is in a class by itself, equipped with all the luxury elements of a spa, plus many exciting twists. “Our spa is unique, and unlike any other, we’ve seen. Walking through our doors is an experience, so just swing by,” Owner and Founder Courtney Keene announced, radiating a big Texas by-way-of-Louisiana smile. “We have the best clients, and with every visit, they leave having had such a positive experience that some of them stop by between appointments just to say hello.

The welcoming environment is livened by a youthful playlist and décor that is a treat for the senses. A sleek black-and-white aesthetics presiding throughout every room is far from similar monochromatic color schemes that often feel cold and unwelcoming. Instead, All The Things gives fresh and posh, with subtle (and some not-so-subtle) nuances that tie everything together. A faux fur throw is draped over every treatment chair for the next client to cuddle. A menu of cocktails, wine, and warm nuts is cordially offered. Then there’s the “egg swing” suspended from the ceiling like an ornament hung from a Christmas tree, making it the perfect prop for your next Instagram photo. 

Beyond their chic amenities, All The Things uses the latest in medical and aesthetic technology to offer a full menu of services such as injectables and restorations, non-surgical skin rejuvenation, Cryo body contouring, customized facials and peels, and advanced laser treatments. For a more cosmetic approach to your outer appearance, lash extensions, ombre powder brows, and a complete hair salon are some of their selections. Membership options are also offered as an affordable way to have your choice of treatment packages consistently without interruption. “Given the wide variety of services we offer, you could say this is a ‘one-stop shop,’” Courtney pointed out. “We provide ‘all the things’ to make you beautiful on the outside, while lifting your spirits on the inside.”

For Courtney, life is good. Though her path has been fraught with challenges, they ultimately paved the way for a successful career in esthetics, culminating with entrepreneurship. Her long journey began with a non-cancerous congenital birth defect below her right eye called a hemangioma tumor that she endured for the first 20-plus years of her life. Throughout all of her school years and beyond, Courtney was the object of ridicule by those who judged her solely on her appearance. “I never had a date or a social life, just a rotation of doctors’ offices,” Courtney reflected, her voice tinged with emotion. Simultaneously, she repeatedly suffered disappointment when 11 surgeries were unsuccessful, one of which left her blind in one eye. Hailing from a devout Christian family, she derived strength and hope from her faith and cultivated a profound sense of self-worth, despite her outward appearance. Over the years, Courtney also experimented with esthetic techniques to improve her complexion and utilize it to her advantage.

At the age of 18, Courtney lost her father to cancer. “For the first time in my life, I became angry at God,” Courtney confessed. “However, once I prayerfully resigned myself to the fact that my father was gone and I accepted His decision, my life changed.” At the age of 21, her 12th and final surgery successfully removed the tumor. “It was in March, and we opened the med spa 20 years later, also in March!” 

Courtney’s experience blessed her with the talent and artistry to recognize a woman’s inner beauty and draw it out. She also developed a keen ability to recognize and maneuver the lines and artistry that create a beautiful face. And she has cultivated an unwavering commitment to enhancing the health, appearance, and confidence of women. It’s her “ministry.” “I’m a Christian first, and I’m unapologetic about it,” Courtney declared. 

“Eager to help other women, I wanted to own a med spa where other people were hands on, but my doctor persuaded me that I have the skills to become directly involved,” Courtney explained. Husband and partner Todd Keene is a motivational speaker and evangelical minister with the Power Team. “Once we decided to go forward with a med spa, it took three years of education, research, and planning,” Courtney said. Beginning with education, Courtney completed laser and esthetician school. Then taking a huge educational leap, she enrolled in cadaver injection training, thus achieving the highest professional level in the esthetics industry. “I’ve cut and dissected the head of an actual cadaver to see where all the muscles, arteries and veins are. This gave me a firsthand understanding where you shouldn’t inject the face, and how to get the best esthetic outcome for my clients,” she emphasized. “I’ve held arteries in my palm.”

“Another factor that sets us apart is my wonderful crew, who are so caring and talented,” Courtney said with pride. “They share a passionate dedication to their jobs and to our clients, and it shows.”

Clients leave the revitalizing environment of the spa feeling uplifted, rejuvenated, confident about themselves, and wearing a smile. Perhaps a more descriptive name for All The Things Med Spa should be “All The Things and so Much More”. 

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