Mary Betzhold: Inspiring Leadership Through Faith and Family

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Mary Betzhold was deeply influenced by her family’s strong background in teaching, which led
to her life in education. With her great-uncle, grandfather, and both parents being educators,
becoming a teacher felt like a natural and fulfilling path for her.
In her professional life, Mary has drawn immense inspiration from her mother, Barbara Brumitt.
Barbara’s life has been nothing short of remarkable as she raised five children while pursuing a
career as a Vocal Music and Contemporary Issues teacher. Her accomplishments, such as
playing the organ at the Doniphan Methodist Church for over 50 years and serving as the library
president for 26 years, reflect her unwavering dedication and passion. But beyond her
achievements, Mary admires her mother’s lifelong quest for knowledge and growth in her faith.
Even at the age of 93, Barbara continues to inspire those around her with her positive outlook
on life and gratitude for blessings.
For young women aspiring to be leaders, Mary’s advice is profound yet straightforward —
become a follower of Jesus. She emphasizes that following Jesus has provided her with
direction and inner peace throughout the ups and downs of life.
In Mary’s perspective, the most important qualities of a successful leader are deeply rooted in
faith and reliance on God. For her, true success can only be measured by God, and she
believes that trusting God in all decisions and circumstances leads to genuine success.
To cope with stress, Mary turns to prayer as her source of strength and guidance. She has
personally witnessed God’s direct intervention and feels a deep sense of peace when she puts
her faith in God.
Mary’s life in the Argyle community has been marked by 30 years of teaching at Argyle High
School, where she finds great joy in working with numerous outstanding students. The
relationships she has formed with her students have been incredibly rewarding, making her
teaching experience fulfilling and gratifying.
Moreover, Mary finds immense inspiration from her daughters, Claire and Sophie. Seeing the
remarkable women they have become brings her immense joy and further fuels her passion for
teaching and mentoring the young minds of tomorrow.
Mary Betzhold’s story exemplifies how faith, family, and a deep sense of purpose can guide and
inspire a person’s journey through life. As a teacher at Argyle High School, she continues to
make a positive impact on her students while leading by example through her unwavering faith
and devotion to her family. Her life is a testament to the power of genuine leadership founded
on principles of love, faith, and following a higher purpose.

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