Sheldon the Dog

Students of Byron Nelson High School recently got the privilege of having a unique, cute, and cuddly new student grace their halls – Sheldon the Dog. Sheldon ended up following a group of students who were walking to school onto campus and made himself right at home. When the school became aware of Sheldon’s presence, the staff took immediate action. “The school resource officer, Officer Watkins, corralled the dog in the entrance until Trophy Club Animal Control could pick him up,” Roanoke police officer, Ryan Otero, said. 

The students couldn’t have been more amused and entertained by Sheldon’s kind and fun-loving attendance on his first day of high school. “The day he was found, the students found it entertaining that he followed them to school,” Officer Otero said. This led to the staff and student body at Byron Nelson High School inviting Sheldon the Dog back to the school to fulfill his ultimate dream of attending school with all of his new friends that already attend. “They all welcomed him with open arms,” Officer Otero explained. 

On his first official day of high school, Sheldon was not only able to walk the halls as the cutest four-legged student, but he was also able to attend classes and make even more fur-ever friends. It was actually because of his pursuit of education that Sheldon got his nickname. It was a reference to Sheldon from the television shows The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. 

It’s safe to say that Sheldon the Dog’s visit to Byron Nelson High School will be a memory that will never fade. “I will reach out to Trophy Club Animal control and let them know that we would like to keep up with Sheldon, wherever he may end up,” Officer Otero said.

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