Back to School Clothes Shopping: How to Meet Your Kids in the Middle

As a parent, you just want your kids to have the best outfits for the first day of school and beyond. After all, every day is class picture day, right? But sometimes, what you think looks good doesn’t jive with what your kids want, and that can lead to some pretty hair-raising mornings as you try to get your kids dressed and out the door on time. 

So how do you meet in the middle with your child, whether we’re talking about a five-year-old boy or a teenage daughter, as you’re finishing up back to school clothes shopping? Here are five tips and tricks.

Take your child shopping with you

Some parents say shopping alone means fewer distractions and getting more accomplished in less time. But consider making it a team thing when it comes to what your kid will be wearing at school. Remember they’re the ones that have to wear the clothes, so take their comfort and style into consideration. That doesn’t mean you must only buy what they want, but if your kids are excited about the new clothes in their closet, then they are more apt to put them on in the morning.

Have your child pick out their clothes the night before

Choosing what they’ll be wearing the night before takes all the guesswork out of the morning rush. Plus, it gives your child the freedom and know-how to make decisions on their own. Another key component to this strategy is shopping for pieces that mix and match. It makes things so much easier for everyone.

Organize their dresser drawers

We read this somewhere online, and it’s a great idea. Before school starts, and after you’ve bought everything for the upcoming year, separate everything into two sections: school clothes and play clothes. Granted, there will likely be some crossover, but for the most part, your child will learn the difference and choose the appropriate attire. This is also helpful considering some schools only allow certain clothes (ex: no logo t-shirts and flip flops, etc.).

Keep receipts

What looked good under the bright lights of the store doesn’t always translate to your home when your child is trying everything on for the first time. Take a hard look at how your child looks in their new outfit and, above all, ask them how comfortable they are. If the clothes are not right, it’s easier to take them back and choose something else.

Don’t get upset when plans change

Sometimes, you just can’t win as a parent. Your child could love the clothes you’ve chosen, and even the ones they picked out themselves, only to flip a switch and hate everything 24 hours later. The last thing you want to do in this situation is get upset when plans change. Don’t let your temper take over the situation. Instead, show patience and empathy and see where that takes you. Odds are, you’ll defuse the situation a lot faster. 

What tips do you have for other parents when it comes to back to school clothes shopping? Share them with us on our Facebook page. We’d also love to see your first day of school pictures when the day finally arrives. 

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