Opening the Door to Your Family and the Lord

Drive through any North Texas neighborhood, and you’re bound to see one home after another where families have put their personal stamps on their property. For one, it may be a freshly-decorated flower bed with stone landscaping. For the next, it could be new window shutters, a basketball goal for the kids to shoot hoops, or even a pool for their backyard.


For Brandon Bailey with Family Christian Doors, these homes have been transformed by the families who occupy them, adorning them with personal touches that reflect who they are.


So while you’re sprucing up that beautiful home, he says with a humble laugh, remember your garage door also.


“When you look at homes, you can see extensions of a family’s personality. But as you drive, you also notice that many of the garage doors are the same,” Brandon said. “The Lord made us all unique, and I would love to see that uniqueness expressed through garage doors.”


It’s clear from talking to Brandon and his Family Christian Doors team that they have a very special relationship with Jesus Christ — and we will get to that heartwarming story in a minute. But from the perspective of the garage door industry, there really is no one better. They’ve spent the past 19 years performing thousands of garage door jobs throughout the Metroplex and beyond with a level of excellence and quality workmanship that simply can’t be matched. This includes everything from residential garage doors, operator repairs, maintenance, and custom installations to gate operating systems and large-scale commercial projects.


So if you’re looking for a modern look or need custom carriage house doors with seeded glass, Family Christian Doors can help. 


That is their specialty.


No job is too small or too large. Simple to exquisite, they can do it all.


What started as one person and a truck has grown to 50 dedicated and selfless team members, many of whom are family. Brandon’s wife, Farrah, and kids have helped. Standing shoulder to shoulder with them are a pair of loving brothers-in-law, Matt Hendrix and Zorga Robinson. Other leaders, such as brothers Tony and Todd Green, have invited several family members to join the team, too. The FCD team does an incredible job carrying out their mission of “Sharing the Love of Christ, from Our Family to Yours.”


“It’s a noticeable familial feel, and we want that to be extended to our customers. When we started, it was just me and a pickup truck,” Brandon said. “My mom was my biggest fan, and I set out to do things in such a way that was highly relational — all with a level of excellence that was uncommon in this industry. It’s so amazing to know that we are still taking care of customers that first started with us from the beginning.”


He added, “We want our customers to feel like they aren’t just calling a business. They are calling family they can count on to be honest and reliable.”


Brandon has the Lord to thank for that. He initially got into the garage door business in 1998 when he replied to a tiny newspaper ad and was hired over the phone. During these next years, he reached a rough crossroads in his personal and professional life.


Not knowing which way to turn, he called upon the Lord as his Savior and finally knew what it meant to be born again.


“In 2003, The Lord was calling me to go out on my own, and the name Family Christian Doors is a reflection of who we are and what we are about,” Brandon said. “It didn’t need to be money-driven. It was about impacting people and building relationships, even if the job was a quick in-and-out thing to replace an opener. People pay for service. However, it’s how that service is carried out that’s important. It wasn’t easy. I had thought about quitting several times and asked God if I was truly meant to do this and if we were going anywhere. I continued to hear His voice and be encouraged, and here we are all these years later. I’m thankful for our team and the lives we are impacting.”

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