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Radiate Self-Love Through Botox & Filler

Gone are the days when Botox was just for an aging celebrity, something unattainable and unaffordable. Alicia Zoeller, founder of Radiant Botox and Filler, started getting Botox when she turned 30.

“I thought something needs to be done about these lines and wrinkles,” Alicia said. “So, I visited Kiara (DeWitt), founder of Botox Bar DFW, and I had such a great experience!”

“I had considered aesthetics as a part-time job in addition to my full-time nursing position at the hospital. When I started looking into getting Botox for myself, I found Kiara had a complete step-by-step guide in how to do just that!”

Upon completing Kiara’s training courses for fellow Registered Nurses, Alicia opened her business in late 2022. Now, she serves men and women who are in the boat she was once in.

“A huge part of this industry, or any area of medicine, is education,” Alicia said. “Many people come in nervous but excited with lots of questions. That is where I come in. We sit and chat for as long as it takes them to feel at ease.”

Alicia said whether it’s calming someone’s apprehensions about receiving Botox/filler or being honest with them about their wishes and desires, education plays a very important part.

“I encounter men and women of all ages who have concerns about looking overdone or frozen. They just want to look well-rested and youthful,” Alicia said. “They want to feel better about themselves, whether it’s Botox to help with fine lines and wrinkles or filler to give them the juicer lip they’ve always wanted — it just restores their confidence and allows them to walk with their heads held a little higher.”

Alicia’s niche is lips. Whether you suffer from uneven lips, a smaller cupid’s bow, or a top lip that disappears when you smile — Botox and filler can fix all of it.

“I love seeing their faces when I hand them the mirror post-procedure. They say ‘Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I waited so long to do this! Thank you!’ It makes me feel so good to make them look and feel better about themselves,” Alicia said.

While she does operate Radiant Botox and Filler out of a residential office, Alicia keeps a very sterile environment for the safety of each client.

“Being an RN for over six years, patient safety has been so ingrained into my brain that it’s now wholly in my DNA,” Alicia said. “Patient safety is my utmost priority, as well as decreasing the risk of infection or any kind of adverse outcome.”

Radiant Botox and Filler is also much more than a business. It’s where Alicia’s clients have become integral friends.

“I get to know my patients on a deeper level,” Alicia said. “I’m invested in their lives, and they are invested in mine.”

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