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Sculpting Confidence: The Amore’ Approach to Personal Care

Amore’ Wax & Wellness is a full-body waxing studio that specializes in Brazilian waxing. Jessica Griffeth, founder and CEO of Amore’, opened the first Amore’ Wax and Wellness location in Visalia, California, in 2015. Amore’ was created to make hair removal and skin care approachable to all genders, hair, and skin types. Hair removal and skincare has never been — and will never be — a one-size-fits-all approach. Every person’s body is different. Waxing the right way is what makes a difference, which is why all of our technicians at Amore’ Wax & Wellness use a Brazilian waxing technique formulated by Jessica herself. This technique was formulated with our clients’ comfort and the integrity of their skin in mind. Waxing isn’t torturous, and skin care is not complicated! With the amount of content and resources on the internet, we know it’s easy for clients to be overloaded with information when trying to research. We take the time to educate our clients on their skin and hair type. We cut out the middleman and take a head-on approach. Amore’ is a one-stop shop for full-body waxing, brow shaping, lash lifts, healing facials, laser hair removal, and spray tanning! Being versatile in the services we offer allows us to get to know our clients’ skin better and makes it possible to have it all done in one place instead of four or five. Visit us at Amore’ Wax & Wellness and relax while we do the rest. It takes a village to run a successful business and this is the case with Amore’ Wax & Wellness. Shane and Jessica have been married for 21 years and have three adult boys. Shane is a US Veteran and is Jessica’s biggest supporter as well as business partner. Together they work to make Amore’ a place where quality and service is #1.

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