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Dr. Javaria Jabeen says life is short and there’s not a moment to waste. She believes, as well as lives, every word of that sentiment. Dr. Jabeen was 15 when she moved to the United States. She graduated high school in New Jersey and entered college to become a primary care family physician. At that moment, it was as if she tossed a rock into the sea of life and began following the concentric circles it produced.

She chose to pursue certification as a DO (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) rather than an MD (Doctor of Allopathic Medicine).

“Becoming a DO meant approximately 200 hours of additional study,” Dr. Jabeen explained. “A DO focuses on the entire person – mind, body, and spirit – to prevent injury or illness in the first place, rather than simply treating the symptoms after the problem occurs. This is why I evaluate a patient from head to toe. I want to treat everything, and not rely so heavily on a prescription pad.

“Family is very important to me, which is why I wanted to be a primary care doctor.”

Dr. Jabeen decided early on to establish her own practice rather than work for someone else.

“I want to be the one to determine how much time I spend with my patients,” she said. “There’s nothing wrong with computers but so much of today’s medicine is a doctor not looking at, and not listening to, the patient. Instead, he’s tapping on a keyboard. I want the patient and me to be partners.

“I look outside the box. A DO program studies the connections between nerves, muscles, and bones. That means I can also offer osteopathic treatment, which gives me more depth.

“I was less than 30 years old and pregnant with my twins when I opened my medical practice in Flower Mound. I almost panicked. How could I do it with a big belly and walking like a penguin? The answer, I learned, was having a great staff.”

She did it and, a few years later, the next ripple surfaced. “I began a full line of aesthetic services six years ago. Today, that part of the YZ Healthcare practice is rebranded as RIA Aesthetics. We treat and improve the physical appearance of the body, but we also address overall wellness with, for example, our IV drip therapies for immune health, energy, depression, anxiety, cognitive function, and more.”

The advanced tools and technologies at RIA, including PDO Threads and Platelet-rich plasma (PRP), treat everything from wrinkles and scars to sexual wellness.

One of Dr. Jabeen’s most successful career circles bobbed up in 2016 when she became the Medical Director for Renew Medical Weight Loss.

Dr. Jabeen’s frequent expansion into new challenges pushed her 2,000 sq. ft. practice space beyond its limits. She relocated to the former 8,500 sq. ft. Cloud 9 Salon in September 2021. The move was exactly “what the doctor ordered,” since it allowed all three entities – YZ Healthcare, RIA Aesthetics, and Renew Medical Weight Loss – to come together in one welcoming and soothing environment. It saves time and improves quality since it allows Dr. Jabeen to keep a close, personal eye on all three practices at the same time.

“It’s been gratifying to hear the comments clients/patients make when they come in for the first time,” she said. “They love the soft, Turkish ambiance and say they feel at home as soon as they walk in. They’re comfortable and say the atmosphere is relaxing and calming, including the saltwater fish tank! It makes me feel especially good when they tell me they don’t feel as if they’re in a doctor’s office. All those things are important for treating the entire person.”

There were some minor stumbles shortly after the move when signage problems with the city made it difficult for some people to find the new location. A bit of signage juggling is helping to smooth out that wrinkle.

Dr. Jabeen is only 37 years old, with a husband, a 10-year-old daughter, and six-year-old identical twin sons. She presides over a plate that’s too full for anyone else but, for her, there’s space for another ripple from that first stone.

“We’re looking to hire immediately more aestheticians, laser techs, and massage therapists,” she announced. “We need them now and we’ll also need them when we branch out across the DFW metroplex in the next year with our med spa and weight loss program.”

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