Denton County Update with Diane Edmonson

Planning for Future Transportation In Denton County

In Precinct 4, we continue to work closely with our communities and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) officials to ensure our region is keeping up with the tremendous growth while continuing to maintain our county roads. 

As you drive along our major thoroughfares, you see the new housing developments, retail businesses, and companies expanding their footprint into the southwest corner of Denton County through the northwest corner – which falls within my rather large precinct. 

Major thoroughfares we are working on includ widening of State Highway 114 east from Interstate 35West to west of U.S. 377, and FM 1171 West, which will extend a major corridor through a new area from I-35W to west of FM 156. 

Construction plans are continuing along U.S. 377 in three sections – Roanoke, Argyle, and the Creek Section, all designed to handle the significant increase in traffic along that corridor. We will be widening existing two-lane rural roads to four-lane urban sections. Some of our work on 377 involves moving existing utilities prior to the widening in Argyl. Meanwhile, we have engaged engineers to analyze the potential environmental impact in the Creek Section. 

One upcoming project will cause some difficulty negotiating the merge of I-35W, I-35 East, and I-35 heading into Sanger. This area frequently is jammed with traffic and the solution will be to rebuild and widen the interchange and existing frontage roads to a six-to-eight-lane freeway with ramp modifications. 

While it might take a few years to finish, this reconstruction of the merge will mean easier access to a main corridor for communities both east and west,
as well as north and south of that Hwy. 380 intersection.  

On I-35 north from U.S. 77 to the Cooke County line, work is beginning to widen the highway to a six-lane freeway with rebuilt frontage roads and ramp modifications. This work started with a schematic approval of plans in January 2019. Segmented into four projects, the work is slated to begin at different times from late this year through late 2027.

We also expect to have a set of plans ready to go at some point this year on Loop 288 West frontage roads, starting the process for a full-circle Loop 288 in
 the City of Denton. While construction is still likely a few years away, it is an example of how the process works as it moves toward completion. 

Long before you see construction crews and orange cones on roads, engineers and officials have been discussing and planning the roads for many years.

Denton County is known for our advance planning, which helps us be ready to go when funding for future road projects is identified. We do the legwork it takes on major projects to receive state and federal funding, and we work closely with our communities to help fund their projects, as well. 

Thanks to your overwhelming support in November 2022, we have $650 million in road bonds to use toward the above projects and many others in the early planning stages. We issued the first tranche of funds at $110 million in August 2023.

Our planning includes Denton’s Outer Loop, a six-lane controlled access freeway with continuous frontage roads from I-35 to the Dallas North Tollway at the eastern Denton County line. This project is part of a larger system of proposed highways that link together to form a Regional Outer Loop, extending east into Collin County, and then south through eastern Collin County, Rockwall County and into Kaufman County. You can find more information on this project at

Thanks again for approving our 2022 Road Bond package, and when you see those bright orange cones popping up everywhere, remember that they are placed there to show your tax dollars at work!

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