A Lens Into Medicine

I recently stumbled upon a podcast where a neurologist shared her experience of dealing with burnout. She pointed out how important it is to practice emotional decompression. The podcast targets aspiring medical professionals, but the insights discussed are highly relevant to people from all sectors. The host himself is also an aspiring medical professional who sees himself as either a physician, surgeon, or anesthesiologist in the future.

16-year-old Parth Tripathi from Carrolton runs a show named A Lens Into Medicine, where he invites health experts to share their candid experiences of their profession. Through his website and social media platforms, Parth aims to help students by bringing them the information they need to build a successful career.

In his own words, Parth wants to help people with unfiltered content from the healthcare industry. “My goal is to uncover the raw details of healthcare through an informative podcast, on which I bring current students, residents, and healthcare workers, and a blog, which will bring specific topics to light with the use of data and research,” he says.

Started in June this year, A Lens Into Medicine is on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube! The average age group of the majority audience is 15-23.

The sophomore at Hebron High School fell in love with human anatomy when he was 12. “My interest in the health sector began ever since I saw my uncle as an anesthesiologist, but never cultivated and blossomed until my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s,” he shared. As he observed his grandfather’s complications with the disease, he started researching how the human body functions.

“After going to several appointments with my grandfather, I fell in love with human anatomy and the ways by which things can go wrong,” Parth added. “As a result, I set my dreams on becoming a doctor and someone that can properly treat patients such as my grandfather.”

In a short time, Parth has brought a good number of industry experts to his show. His podcasts and blogs are receiving more positive responses from listeners and readers everyday.

“My mom has been a great person to build A Lens Into Medicine; she has helped me on every single part of the journey,” Parth said. He is grateful to have his family, teachers, and friends support his work and ideas with so much love. Mom Sonali is proud to see her son significantly driven by his passion for learning. “His self-motivated attitude and dedication inspire all of us. If he remains consistent with what and how he is doing, I am sure he will be able to achieve his goals,” she stated.

Jaden Gorham, Parth’s Honors Chemistry teacher, is fond of his nature to go beyond the scope of the course. “Parth actively listens, and I have observed him lending aid to his neighbors in need,” Jaden mentioned. “Even as a sophomore, Parth is already presenting as a near-complete package in which I have the utmost confidence.”

On average, Parth spends one hour every day preparing content for his blog and podcast. He discovers his guests on Instagram, and personally invites them to be a guest on A Lens Into Medicine. He is always thinking of ways to serve his audience with the best content, and researches the topics of discussion using accredited sources. He consults with his guests and audience to decide the topics for his blog and podcast.

While his regular weekdays are occupied with school and study, Parth gets to work on his brand more on weekends. He loves playing sports with his brother and friends. He also spends some time on Netflix watching great content.

A Lens Into Medicine aims to contribute to bringing transparency to healthcare. Parth believes that high schoolers and undergraduates must keep themselves updated with authentic information about the industry they will build their careers in. “I am trying to solve the problem of a lack of transparency and raw, real experiences on social media regarding the field of medicine,” he shared with determination.

Parth plans to attend a BS/MD program after high school or go down the pre-med track. He aspires to become a successful medical professional not only to provide quality health services to people but also to contribute to transparency, communication, and health care.

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