Best Friends for Millions of Homes

There’s an easily identifiable ring of confidence in David Moore’s voice when he discusses Pella Windows and Doors, Dallas Fort Worth.

Pella Windows (manufactured by Pella Corporation) is a 100-year-old premium brand that is focused solely on designing and building high-quality windows and patio doors. The Pella DFW business is owned and operated locally, based in Grapevine. “Our primary focus is helping homeowners improve either the energy efficiency or appearance of their home with beautiful, new Pella Windows and Doors,” Moore explained.

As everyone knows, the last couple of years have been very challenging, with many people working primarily from home. “With spending more time at home, the Pella-DFW team found that homeowners were choosing to invest in new windows and doors to make their homes more comfortable, to enjoy increased natural light, and to reduce outside noise,” Moore shared. “We understood that, more than ever, we look at our homes as sanctuaries. Those are some of the reasons we work with homeowners to make their homes as comfortable as possible.”

“We offer the homeowner a complete, seamless solution for their project,” Moore explained. “Windows and doors work according to a precise process, which can be confusing to some people. One of our main responsibilities is defining for our customers what Pella solution is best for their home and how they can
get there.

“We have five different window styles, with numerous colors available and a great product portfolio. We can pull together all of these pieces and come up with the perfect solution for individual needs. The best part is the entire process is painless for the customer.”
A trained Pella representative arrives at the home to take careful, critical measurements for windows and doors. This is a vital component in the process since a window measurement that is ¼-inch off can spell disaster for the installation.

Pella offers some of the very best product warranties in the industry as well as locally. The Pella DFW business is so confident in their expert installers that they offer a 10-year installation warranty (most other window companies only back up their installations with a one-year warranty).
“People become attached to the Pella products. They may have Pella doors and windows in their house in California but their company transfers them to Arizona. They won’t be completely satisfied with their new house until it, too, has Pella products.

“We’re here to make homes more comfortable, quieter, and safer. We’re here to make homes look better and, in turn, increase pride of ownership. Our products, and the care we take in selection and installation, actually add resale value to the home. We take all those responsibilities very seriously.”

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