New Liquor Store Business Model

Worth The Pour

Worth the Pour liquor store opened just slightly more than one year ago in The Realm district of the Castle Hills development in Lewisville. For owners Michael Reyes and his wife Brenda, it is literally a dream come true.

First is the location, location, location – the three requirements all realtors say are necessary for commercial success. Castle Hills, a 2,900-acre master-planned and mixed-use community, is the beloved project of forward-thinking Bright Realty. Recognized as a premiere development by the real estate world, included within Castle Hills are 324 acres of mixed-use space christened The Realm. That’s where Michael and Brenda wanted to position Worth the Pour.

The husband/wife team worked side-by-side to create a new liquor store concept. They wiped clean the old stereotype. Their design contained nothing distasteful; no dusty liquor bottles stacked on equally dusty shelves; no scarred and scuffed floors; absolutely nothing hinting at unsavory “connections.”

What the Reyes’ unveiled in The Realm can legitimately be referred to as a boutique. A bright, shining storefront with a warm and personal relationship with the community.

“Many of our customers are truly our friends as well,” Michael said. “We had no intention of carrying on the impersonal environment of other liquor stores. I want to be honest and say Brenda opened my eyes to this attitude.

“I moved to Texas from New York in 2015. My tendency was to focus entirely on work and forget about the personal niceties. She taught me that wasn’t the best way.”

Every bottle in the shop, whether it’s the typical JD or local crafts or specialized hard-to-find brands, must be worth the pour. Nothing else is acceptable.

What elements qualify Worth the Pour as a boutique and a new model? The answer: Take the preceding components, and add handcrafted wine boxes, stemware, glassware, gift baskets, bar sets, locally crafted candles, and personalized items displayed throughout the shop and Worth the Pour is transformed into a lovely boutique appealing to both men and women. Plus, the boutique concept allows Worth the Pour to support as many local artists and craftspeople as possible.

The 3,000 sq. ft. space also features a beautifully stocked humidor. The variety of cigars, some the products of a master Cuban cigar roller in Dallas, is broad enough to satisfy any taste preference.

“To me, one of the most exciting elements we offer is a 500 sq. ft, walk-in beer cave,” Reyes said. “It’s not the typical cooler you see with all the glass doors. Instead, there are two large doors in the middle. You can walk in and make your selections, including craft beers and specialty items we spotlight from Texas breweries.

“We’re strict about keeping the ‘cave’ at 34 degrees for the coldest beer in town, which is especially welcome during Texas summers.

“We stock all the name brands of liquors, but we also make space for some of the smaller distributors. We want to support them, and perhaps help them to, one day, become one of the big guys.”

Worth the Pour was granted a tasting license with plans to host events that allow distributors to showcase their products. Customers may taste samples before deciding what to buy. Also, if the decision-making process is too tough, Michael and Brenda are always delighted to offer their expert advice.

The guiding, personal goal for all the Reyes’ decisions is targeted toward creating a family business that blooms into a lasting legacy.

“There are many ways to do that,” Michael said. “The large liquor chains don’t offer our brand of personal service. Brenda and I have a superior product knowledge, and we’re willing to go the extra mile to locate hard-to-find items or special requests.

“We also deliver within a 12-mile radius. We are completely customer focused. We’re so fortunate because the area has an incredibly strong sense of community for us to build on. We’re blessed to have the opportunity to introduce this new concept.

“We’re doing all we can to make certain anything you buy from us is ‘worth the pour’.”

Reyes co-created, and sold, the Kindred Spirits and Wine in Dallas, establishing himself as a well-known name in the liquor store world.

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