Feel Great AND Look Great

4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions

There seems to be a pattern: go to a spa to look good and go to a doctor to feel good.

That sounds reasonable, but there is a problem with the feel good part. Modern medicine is a reactive process with doctors treating patients after the symptoms of a health issue manifest. The usual treatment is another pill to swallow, which impacts only symptoms and not causes.

Andrea Martin, owner of 4Ever Young Anti-Aging Solutions in Flower Mound, believes in a total approach to health so people can feel their best while simultaneously looking their best. In step with her is medical director Dr. Thornton, with 30+ years of experience in health optimization.

“Aging does not mean quality of life must be sacrificed,” said Martin. “We are a preventative health facility, which means our focus is not on treating symptoms. We are proactive. We treat you before a problem, or a symptom manifests.”

4Ever Young uses advanced diagnostics and an extensive evaluation process to determine why you’re always fatigued, have headaches, “brain fog,” frequently ill, dehydrated, dull skin. Low energy and poor sleep are not normal and there are correctable reasons for all these problems.

4Ever Young booked 90 patients before their sign was up!

“We wanted males, females, and couples to feel comfortable,” Martin continued, “and 65-percent of our current patients are focused on the ‘feel good’ part of our program.

“We give a thorough, free consultation and an insurance-covered blood panel. You finish your first visit with a 20-page profile in hand, showing more than 30 critical health markers. If we can’t correct your problems with our protocols, we refer you to a specialist who can.”

4Ever Young is based on a concept that is powerful, exciting, and capable of changing how we view ourselves – not just in the mirror but in how we face each day.

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