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Next time you stop by Bartonville Town Center, look around, and you just might notice a radiant glow streaming from the entrance to one of the center’s established businesses.  That might be an exaggeration, yet Luminous Glow Med Spa really does generate a glow. It comes from owner Jennifer Buck and her team of talented professionals who glow with vitality and enthusiasm for being the light in your day. The glow also describes the med spa’s clients who achieve a luminous, youthful glow and radiant skin from skilled licensed nurses, laser technicians, and aestheticians who treat you like family. All that adds up to a positive, uplifting experience for both client and staff alike.    

“We’re a high-end boutique med spa, and my team is dedicated to giving you the luxury experience you deserve,” Jennifer emphasized. Beginning with décor, the agate stone is woven into their design scheme throughout the space. Historically, agate is believed to generate harmony and balance. Like the spa, the stone promotes well-being. The vibe is tranquil, yet the mood is contagiously upbeat and fun, often initiated by Jennifer’s effervescent personality. Clients are indulged with UGG robes and blankets during their treatments. “It’s all in the details because we love to pamper our clients,” Jennifer expressed with pride.

As a medical spa, Luminous Glow offers high-quality rejuvenation services and skincare treatments. Options include cosmetic injectables (Botox, fillers), peels, SkinPen (micro-needling), laser treatments (hair removal, treatment for skin conditions such as acne, pigmentation, scars, and rosacea), and customized treatment plans that often include a combination of treatments. Then there’s the 30-minute express facial and 60-minute luxury facial. Their mission – their passion – is for you to feel beautiful and confident through cutting-edge, age-defying aesthetic solutions and medical-grade skincare.  

“My team and I build trust with our clients, so they allow us to help them make the right decisions for their care and treatment,” Jennifer explained. “I believe in self-care, so we also educate them, creating a plan specific to each patient’s needs.”

Both Jennifer and her dedicated Director of Operations, Hayley Gaston, have experienced skin issues, motivating them to have a vested interest in this industry. They learned firsthand what a dramatic, and sometimes life-changing difference medical grade skincare products and procedures can make, and they stay a step ahead of any new industry innovations.

As one who holds multiple licenses in medical aesthetics, and with nearly a decade of experience in medical settings and the medical spa industry – including opening two med spas for other local entrepreneurs – it was a natural stepping stone for Jennifer to move into ownership. “Standards for myself and my staff are above and beyond what you typically see in this industry,” Jennifer stated with confidence. “We have the integrity to make our client’s best interests priority one, never the bottom line.” 

When shopping for a med spa, Jennifer highly recommends that you choose carefully and set high standards for excellence. “Don’t be hesitant to ask questions, such as ‘Who is your medical director?’ ‘How many years of experience do you have?’ Check into their licenses. Be empowered to use your resources to find the best fit for you,” she advised.

Jennifer’s clients put their trust in her, and Jennifer won’t compromise on the level of quality expected from her team. “I find so many recently graduated aestheticians who are unable to perform to a higher standard,” Jennifer admitted. “New graduates have stated they feel unequipped for hands-on client care.” That said, Jennifer is making another giant leap to improve both the medical aesthetics industry and the community by opening an aesthetics school!

The Academy of Aesthetics and Laser, located in Argyle, is expected to open by summer of this year. A boutique-style school, it will specialize in medical aesthetics, while offering a comprehensive menu of aesthetic treatments. In order to foster personalized training and individual participation, class enrollment will be limited to twelve students. Uniquely-designed classroom schedules will be set at two full days per week, so students will be able to work while earning their certification. “We’re so excited to create this opportunity for students to gain the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in this industry,” Jennifer said, smiling broadly. And we’re confident that our academy, equipped with the tools for achievement, will generate amazing professionals.” 

Rejuvenation is a passion for Jennifer and her awesome team. Their clients look good and feel good, glowing from the inside out. It doesn’t get any better than that.

For more information about the Academy of Aesthetics and Laser, visit their website at 

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