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Bartonville Veterinary Center Committed To Excellence & Exceptional Care

September is a special month for Bartonville Veterinary Center. In September 2016, Dr. Melissa Cordero became the proud owner of the practice, and she and her team opened their doors and their hearts to dogs and cats in Bartonville and the surrounding communities. Seven years later, they are still honoring that promise, with a commitment to provide the highest standards of veterinary care they believe your pet deserves.

As pet parents themselves, Dr. Cordero and her compassionate healthcare team understand the special bond that owners share with their four-legged family members. “We treat all our pet patients as we would our own, and our goal is to keep them healthy,” Dr. Cordero said.

Bartonville Veterinary Center offers services that meet all your dog’s or cat’s health needs under one roof. They provide comprehensive quality care throughout every stage of your pet’s life, from routine wellness exams and vaccinations to dental care, in-house diagnostics, surgery, emergency care, and senior pet care for dogs and cats.

Modern technologies and top-of-the-line surgical equipment, along with a full diagnostic suite for X-rays and blood work add to BVC’s capabilities. There is even an in-house pharmacy for quick access to your pet’s medication, as well as vet-approved specialty foods.

The clinic is clean and welcoming. “We want all pets and pet parents to feel at home when you come in, making your visit as stress-free and comfortable as possible,” Dr. Cordero said. “We consider our patients to be part of the BVC family.”

The caring and skilled professional behind BVC and its success is medical director and veterinarian Dr. Melissa Cordero.

Dr. Cordero received her higher education at Oklahoma State University – from a Bachelor’s Degree in Animal Science to a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, reaching her scholastic pinnacle with a Ph.D. in Veterinary Biomedical Sciences.

Once she and her husband relocated to the DFW area, Dr. Cordero gained experience as an associate veterinarian for other vet clinics yet felt a calling to open her own practice. “I chose a Lantana-Bartonville location because I wanted to provide my services to the community where we live,” she said. “These folks know me and my team. I treat my neighbors’ pets.”

Because she believes in going that extra mile, Dr. Cordero takes at least 20 hours of continuing education a year, not only to maintain her license but to voluntarily do more than what the state requires. She has also received extensive additional training in dental work.

A talented and cohesive staff rounds out the group. “I have a really great team of professionals committed to excellence and exceptional service,” Dr. Cordero emphasized. “They go above and beyond for both our clients and their pets.”

What else makes BVC the cream that rises to the top of other veterinary clinics? Many factors, one being they are not a corporate “cookie cutter” practice. “It isn’t commonly known, but many vet clinics are corporate-owned,” Dr. Cordero said. “They didn’t start out that way, but corporations later acquired them. BVC is family-owned. My husband Chris Cross assists behind the scenes.”

BVC is AAHA (American Animal Hospital Association) accredited, a designation held only by approximately 15 percent of all veterinary practices in the U.S. “After an evaluation of our facility and overall practice, we were recognized as maintaining the highest standards of veterinary expertise and client care,” Dr. Cordero said with pride.

“Ours is also a cat-friendly practice, certified by the AAFP (American Association of Feline Practitioners),” Dr. Cordero said. “Cats have unique needs and stress easily. BVC maintains higher standards of feline care with practices such as waiting areas and boarding rooms separate from dogs. We also have a cat-only exam room, where pheromones are sprayed or diffused throughout to help cats feel more relaxed. There is no such certification for dogs, or I would have it.”

Residents of Argyle, Dr. Cordero and her husband are the proud owners of an American Staffordshire Terrier mix named Luna and twenty-five chickens. “We have them because chickens really make fun pets,” Dr. Cordero said laughingly. “I’ve named them all, and I can distinguish one chicken from another.”

With BVC and the team, you can be certain that both you and your pet are in kind and capable hands.

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