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I once had a stroller with the label, “Remove child before folding,” on it. There was also a sleep aid box that had the warning “may cause drowsiness.” And, of course, we’ve all seen the hot coffee warning, “Caution, coffee may be hot.”  Labels can be important, but some labeling can be misleading.  Recently, many businesses and healthcare offices, including dental practices, were labeled non-essential depending on the state or county.  Needless to say, there was some frustration in dealing with these inconsistencies that created confusion within the profession.  So, I hope to provide my own input on why dentistry is an essential part of your healthcare.

The most obvious essential nature of dentistry is dealing with emergency situations, as dental emergencies have been handled throughout the closure consistently.  There are few things more debilitating than dental pain from a tooth fracture or decay that has exposed the nerve of the tooth.  Dental pain in this manner can easily inhibit an employee’s ability to work, or worse, result in an emergency room visit.  Even in an emergency room, some hospitals are limited in their ability to treat dental infections and refer them back to the dentist. Without proper care, the emergency can quickly escalate.

Another important aspect of dental care is the reality that most dental lesions do not resolve on their own. Typically, they get worse. What begins as a simple cavity can turn into a more significant issue that requires additional treatment or possible tooth loss.The beginning stages of decay are not detectable without routine visits and proper radiographs. Maintaining these routine visits prevent not only dental situations from exacerbating, but also routine gum care for many patients is essential to prevent the spread of periodontal disease. Furthermore, the link between oral health and systemic health is well documented to prevent the worsening of a health condition.

Finally, no one wants to go about their business with a broken tooth or gum infection. Repairing broken teeth not only allows for proper eating and prevention of decay, but for teeth in esthetic areas, some patients may find it embarrassing to function publicly with a broken tooth.

The essential aspects of modern-day dental care are not only the restorative treatments but also the preventative.  So, make sure to keep those essential appointments. Happy smiling!

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