Proper Treatment Nips Head Lice in the Bud

Lice Services of Texas

Using the words “head lice” in a sentence is pretty much the equivalent of screaming “Fire!” in a crowded movie theatre — it’s just asking for chaos.  And in a situation 99 percent of people would run from, Angela Cruz is fearlessly extinguishing the fire.

“Head lice are actually quite common,” says Cruz, owner of Lice Services of Texas in Lewisville. “They’re not as scary as people think. It’s all about education.”

Lice are parasites that spread through human contact. While the term “parasite” sounds alarming, lice have been around humans since the beginning of our existence. Meaning that, thankfully, we’ve had thousands of years to find the best remedies and cures for head lice.

“Lice don’t pose a threat to our health,” she said. “However, you can’t ignore them because they will reproduce rapidly if not addressed.”

Utilizing proper treatment techniques is essential when dealing with lice — at home or a facility, such as Lice Services of Texas. The Centers for Disease Control estimates there about 6-12 million cases annually. Cruz said some home treatments don’t work correctly, and there is a lot of misguided advice on the Internet.

“Any human with hair can get lice,” Cruz said. “Age doesn’t matter, but it is more common with children. When an adult gets it, it is most often from a child. The main reason people seek out a lice clinic is that they’ve used products from the store or home remedies and failed.”

Lice Services of Texas sells products and offers in-office treatments that eliminate the problem, including nit combing to rid the head of the lice eggs.

“I used to be a hairdresser, but believe it or not, getting rid of lice is kind of more fun,” Cruz managed to say through a laugh. “I liked it for two reasons – you are helping people in a stressful situation that must be addressed immediately. When you solve that problem, they are beyond grateful. And now that I know what lice can do, they don’t bother me. I’m not the least phased by them. I know how not to get them. I know how to get rid of them.”

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