New Smiles for a New Year

Country Lakes Family Dental

It’s a new year, and as I reflect on the intimate time spent over the holidays with family and friends, celebrating the season and appreciating those cherished moments of joy and giving, I can only sum it all up in four simple words: I ate too much. Yes, once again, we start the new year off with resolutions to shake off those habits so easily picked up during the time of merriness and cheer. Now, with the holidays behind us, we can focus on some new ways to improve ourselves, even our oral health. Here are some dental ideas for how you can start the year with a great smile.

Every good resolution starts with a solid foundation. With your oral health, it’s back to the basics of brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. Brushing after meals, or at least twice a day is a common understanding, but flossing can be a tricky habit to start. Some tips for flossing can include setting up a reminder in your phone or creating a progress chart. It may even be helpful to place floss next to your sink as a daily reminder to floss. Over course, educating yourself on the importance of flossing can be an essential motivator, as well.

When it comes to improving the aesthetics of your smile, there is a wide spectrum of dental treatment that is available. If you have never tried whitening, this is a simple and easy way to enhance the look of your teeth. If you have ever considered straightening your teeth, this may be the year to consider orthodontic or Invisalign treatment.

As you start off 2023 with new resolutions for a healthy, happier you, make sure to keep your oral health as a part of that package. Happy New Year and Happy Smiling!

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