Dealing with Trauma

Redeemed Life Counseling

Since opening Redeemed Life Counseling in Argyle in 2018, Michelle Fitzhugh and her staff of  professional counselors have focused on helping clients deal with mental and emotional health issues from healing cycles of dysfunction, developing healthy relationships, learning healthy boundary-setting, and more.

Their services also include treatment for depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, trauma, PTSD, and co-dependency. “The goal is for us to be a full-service counseling center, specializing in trauma with  therapists who are trauma-informed and highly equipped to help our clients feel safe and empowered to  heal.”

“We are here to meet the needs of our community throughout the lifespan,” Fitzhugh said. “We work  with individuals, couples, and families. Many people have experienced some type of trauma, whether  from betrayal, fear, or relationship abuse to a deep pain or loss that has not been resolved.” The goal,  she said, is to help clients enjoy freedom from the past, not to keep them living in the past.

High acuity traumas like sexual assault, gun violence, and trauma experienced by first responders are  also on the rise. RLC provides process groups, individual and couple intensives, and group workshops  to help deal with these issues in addition to individual therapy.

To serve the growing number of clients at RLC, the practice is expanding by adding space upstairs  from its two current suites. The new suite will feature trauma-informed massage, a neuroscience center,  and rooms for intensive workshops.

“As Argyle and surrounding communities expand, we want to continue to be the most trusted place to  meet peoples’ therapeutic needs. We’re easily accessible to our community, and we have highly skilled,  caring, and dedicated therapists who are the reason for our continued growth,” said Fitzhugh.

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