A Little Who Has Accomplished A Lot

Little Family Law

There are more than 20 fields of practice associated with the legal profession. Flower Mound attorney Thomas Little decided to wrap his career around family law, and his many clients are grateful that he did.

A private law practice in Flower Mound since January 2019, Little Family Law not only guides families and individuals through divorce, but other– sometimes complex– family-related issues involving property division, mediation, child custody and support – even adoption. Respect, integrity & client focus are the guiding principles that make this law firm so respected and clients so satisfied. “Divorce presents life-changing challenges, often involving children,” Thomas explained. “What I enjoy about family law is that typically I meet a client for the first time when they feel dejected, but after working with them a while, they begin to have renewed hope for the future. I find that incredibly rewarding.”

Thomas Little might have been born with a diminutive-sounding surname, but there is nothing “little” about his work ethic and all the big-time accomplishments he’s already made throughout his life and career. His higher education began with earning a B.A. degree in Political Science from Texas A&M, where he also played football as the 12th Man on their team. Then there was the Army. “I’d always wanted to join the Army and serve my country,” Thomas confessed. He enlisted in the infantry, was selected to attend Officer Candidate School, and traveled the world as an Armor Officer.  “Outside of my family, my five years in the Army most influenced me and shaped me into the person I am now.”

Returning to civilian life, Thomas also returned to A&M for an MBA in business, then spent six years traveling the world again, this time in the corporate sector as a licensed project management professional for a major consulting firm. Recognizing that corporate life was his niche after all, Thomas felt passionate about the legal profession, so back to college he went, graduating from St. Mary’s University School of Law in San Antonio. “As an attorney looking back to that time in corporate business, the experience has now helped me relate to clients who are corporate professionals,” Thomas said. “It gave me an understanding of how the world works outside of the legal industry and the courtroom.”

To backtrack through his years in academia and in the corporate world, Thomas had married, and later the couple welcomed a son, Vann, into their lives. But when Thomas was in law school, tragedy struck with an untimely death. Vann lost his mother, while Thomas lost his wife and became a single dad.

“In 2014 we were living in Austin when my wife Kelsi died,” Thomas reflected. “Vann was only two years old. I’m originally from Kilgore, but my family moved to Lantana years ago, which included my mom Chris Little, my sister Meredith and her husband Gene Lowery, and their daughters, Emma and Ellie Lowery. I needed support and help with Vann and I wanted both of us to be near family, so we moved to Lantana. Best decision ever.”

After passing the bar he was hired by the law firm Hayes, Berry, White & Vanzant, LLP. They practice law across all categories, and Thomas hadn’t yet zeroed in on a field of practice. Attorney Brian Tackett happened to need help in their family law division, so Thomas worked with him. “Brian was fantastic,” Thomas said with enthusiasm. “He took the time to teach me, and in the corporate world I never found anyone willing to mentor me the way Brian did.” Thomas took to family law and never looked back.

Because Little Family Law is in the business of handling family matters, most of their clients come to them with sensitive, emotionally-charged issues. It isn’t about a client’s business; it’s about their personal life. Thomas and his paralegal Sharron Dowdle are keenly aware that clients need encouragement and support, and believe that taking the high road is the best road. “Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly, and the vast majority of my clients are good parents,” Thomas emphasized. “I won’t be the one to make the process long and drawn out or expensive. Also, I’m normally a nice guy, but when we go to court, I sometimes wear a different hat in order to get the best outcome for my client.”

Regarding his personal life these days, “I’ve been a single parent for so long now, that it has really helped me relate to my clients. After all, every divorced parent becomes a single parent,” Thomas pointed out.

“Vann is like my little shadow,” Thomas announced laughingly. Ten years old now, and in the fifth grade at E.P. Rayzor Elementary in Lantana, Vann is active in football, which their dad often coaches, and basketball. “He’s smart, well-behaved, and pretty mature for his age,” Thomas added, “Yet he loves trying to make his dad laugh – and he succeeds!”

“I have a great family, a rewarding practice, I live in the best community, and even though life will always present challenges, I appreciate my life more than ever.”

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