The Spice of Your Life

Casa M Spice Co.

Casa M, the house of Manny and Mike, had long since been synonymous with incredible hospitality and gourmet foods that always had a signature flavor.  Throughout the years it had become customary, as folks were leaving after a meal, to be asked “what did you use on this?” Almost inevitably that turned into “will you share the recipe?” or “can I buy some?” So much so that it got to the point where Manny jokingly said “we should think about going legit instead of selling dime bags of Chain Reaction® from the house!” The next thing they knew, Casa M Spice Co® was born.

Dr. Mike has a PhD in chemical physics and has always thought of cooking as Chemistry in the Kitchen®. Their signature blend, Chain Reaction® gets its name from his physics background and it is quite literally good on everything (including many things you would never imagine like cheeses, vegetables, and fruits). Adding a sprinkle of Chain Reaction® to a burger or steak enhances the taste without overpowering and lends a signature flavor that is hard to replicate yet very recognizable.

It was very important to both of them that the brand they created represent the hospitality of being at Casa M as well as delivering on the signature flavors that everyone already knew and loved. In order to codify what the brand represents and the hospitality the brand stands for, they developed a Brand Manifesto that the whole Casa M Spice team stands fully behind. Their commitment is to deliver 100% satisfaction in every interaction at every step in the process!

Every blend they make is low (or very low) sodium with no fillers, MSG, or animal products. Their motto is Spice Confidently!® meaning that they deliver the flavor and you salt to taste as desired.  With their blends, you can add as much as you’d like to bring out as much heat or flavor as you’d like without ever risking over-salting. And as a side benefit, replacing your salt shaker with Chain Reaction® reduces your sodium intake by 80% compared to salt.

Since there are so many spice blends out on the market, they knew they had to demonstrate what makes their brand and products different in a tangible way.  Three months after their brand launch in September 2018 they won 6 Golden Chiles at ZestFest 2019 and five months later took home 15 Scovies at the Fiery Food Show to include Grand Prize for marketing. Since then they have added 8 more Golden Chile awards including 1st prize in the people’s choice for their Jerked Chain®, 33 more Scovie awards, and just last November won 1st place for Dallas Morning News’ Best in DFW awards.

At the start of the 2021 professional soccer season, they were selected as part of the inaugural class of FC Dallas’ Homegrown Partners.  The Homegrown Partner program was started by the FC Dallas club to help promote and boost DFW area minority-owned businesses and the partnership was so successful that they are now Official Sponsors of the club and each of the concession stands at Toyota Stadium in Frisco has a signature Casa M Spice Co® menu item. There’s even a full-on Casa M Spice Co® suite menu, for those fans who get suites for the game, that offers a free gift set, not to mention the highly sought-after fan-favorite Chain Reaction® Firecracker Chicken!

While the warehouse and corporate offices were in Denton initially, the company has just recently moved to a new location at 1025 North Mill Street, Suite B, in Lewisville and has also just taken over Suite A too for just under 12,000 square feet of space.  They can be found on the shelves in most major grocery stores in Texas including Central Market, HEB, Walmart, Market Street, Albertsons, Tom Thumb, and Kroger as well as many specialty grocery and butcher shops.  They have a very convenient store locator on their website that can help point you to the right place to get their products.  Their offices are open daily from 7 am-5 pm and are happy to entertain walk-in business as well as pre-orders and pickups.

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