Celebrating Christmas at the Dallas Arboretum

The Best Christmas Event in Texas is at The Dallas Arboretum, according to Southern Living Magazine. It’s truly magical strolling through these magnificent gardens at Christmastime.

You probably know about the 25-foot-tall elaborately decorated Victorian-style gazebos that represent each of the 12 Days of Christmas. This display is just epic! All 12 are so extremely creative and detailed and include music that fits the theme. It’s beautiful in the day…but in the evenings, the garden really comes to life with over one million lights.

But do you know about the Arboretum’s Nativity Exhibit and the charming Christmas Village?

Inside the historic DeGolyer House, elaborately decorated for Christmas, is the return of the beloved theme “The Artistry of the Nativity.” This collection features hundreds of crèches representing a variety of nativity scenes, depicting the birth of Christ, from around the world.  These unique and original nativity pieces are crafted beautifully from many materials including cork, glass, horns, seeds, cornhusks, porcelain, silver, wood, and more. It is something to see – an amazing collection and display.

And be sure and walk through the Christmas Village. It is a great replica of 12 charming shops with facades of a quaint European holiday market. Measuring almost 20 feet tall, each house features illustrations and embellishments found in authentic European Christmas Markets. Shopkeepers are posted outside each building, offering samples of their wares including baked goods, candy, hand-carved pencils, and jingle bells. Children and adults can explore these large themed houses and experience the holiday businesses including a bakery, a candy shop, Santa’s House, and more. Honestly, I felt like I was in Germany.

At night, the Christmas Village shops and trees shine bright with more than a million lights. During the weekends and evenings, there are also volunteers dressed as shopkeepers in each store, most passing out samples of their wares, such as a piece of candy at the candy shop.

Christmas at the Arboretum is absolutely charming, classy and a perfect place to celebrate the magic of Christmas!

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