A League of Their Own

Country Lakes Family Dental

When Dr. Matthew Artho embarked on a mission to create a dental practice with a vision set apart from the typical experience, he did just that. His goal was to offer an advanced and sophisticated dental practice that possessed all the esteem of a technological colossus complimented with the charm of an accommodating family neighborhood practice. Dr. Matt and his team found a suitable balance that attracted already thousands of patients, from young to old.  Voted by patients ten years in a row as Best of Denton County, he and the staff at Country Lakes Family Dental have more than enough validation to prove they are truly a “League of Their Own.”

From small beginnings, Dr. Matt not only held firm to his values to treat every patient as if a part of his own family, but he continues to maintain recognition as a reliable dental provider and consistent contributor to the community. Much of this attitude comes from his lifestyle. An Army veteran, loving husband of 20 years, and father of nine children, anyone who knows the Arthos knows their love for service. He and his wife, Leigh Ann, serve and support multiple charity, school, and church organizations, including Lantana Moms, Lantana Ladies League, Lantana Wildcats, Lantana Lightning, Ranch Hands Rescue, National Charity League, Grace Like Rain, Garcelon Hess Foundation, Argyle Education Foundation, and the list goes on and on.

“Communities and neighborhoods are made special by the people in them,” says Dr. Matt, “and I want to be a part of that experience, not just as a local dentist but as a family people can rely on.”

The giving nature of the practice is only matched by the complexity and variety of the treatment available.  A graduate of Texas A&M with a degree in electrical engineering, Dr. Matt very much considers himself a “techy.”  An inventory packed with gadgets and equipment, the office has everything from 3D radiography and digital impressions to 3D printers and milling software.  These capabilities allow for many same-day treatments, including implants and crowns, and advanced software to create digital planning for Invisalign, orthodontics, root canals, cosmetic treatment, veneers, and full mouth restorations.

“There was a time when treatments like implants or orthodontics were challenging and unpredictable,” says Dr. Matt.  “Now, we can digitally plan everything from implant placement to tooth movements before we ever start treatment making it seamless and predictable.”

The latest equipment includes an erbium laser that allows for hard and soft tissue surgery, as well as features allowing for pediatric fillings without anesthesia.  One feature particularly unique to the laser is palatal conditioning to reduce snoring and apnea, which is completed in three appointments without any sensitivity during or after the treatment.

These and other advanced techniques are routine for Dr. Matt.  A Fellow of the Academy of General Dentistry since 2020, Dr. Matt states he is on a “continued quest” to educate himself and “support the technology and techniques that create a more comfortable and consistent future for dentistry.”

A constantly growing practice, Country Lakes Family Dental was happy to bring on Dr. Lauren Smits in 2020.  A graduate of Notre Dame, she received her dental degree from Indiana University School of Dentistry. Happily married for 12 years, she is a mother of three, and her kindness and charm mirror her ability to treat patients with the utmost sophistication. Her knowledge of digital dentistry, and same-day treatment from prior experience, along with her conservative diagnosis, make her a perfect match for the entire team.

Of course, the entire staff, with their warm friendliness and ambitious spirit, functions as a well-oiled machine to provide the best benefits and service to their patients.  The knowledgeable team with years of experience works diligently behind the scenes to make the entire process effortless for patients.  As they recognized the ever-changing woes of insurance policies post-COVID, they created an in-office VIP plan two years ago to utilize with or without existing insurance plans.  The launching helped ease patients’ worries by giving them routine cleanings along with special discounts and treatment.

An all-around gifted and fun team, if you have experienced Country Lakes Family Dental, you already know the uniquely pleasurable dental experience this office provides.  If you have not, I encourage you to find out exactly why this award-winning office truly is in a league of its own!

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