TikTok! Time to Volunteer!

National Charity League, Inc.

Tiktockers and Patronesses of the Texas Lantana Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. (NCL) were recently honored at the chapter’s annual kick-off meeting in August for their service to their communities during the 2021-2022 service year. The entire Texas Lantana Chapter collectively donated 4,000 volunteer hours to more than 20 local and national nonprofit philanthropy partners.

The Yellow Rosebud Award was granted to Alivia Michaels and Isabella Coons.  This recognition is in honor of a Tiktocker who has earned 50 service hours throughout the year in combined chapter philanthropies.

Brooke Botti received two individual awards, The Hourglass and Merci. The Hourglass Award is earned by a Tiktocker who has served 100 hours of combined chapter philanthropies, and the Merci Award goes to a Ticktocker who completes the most philanthropic service hours during the year, within the local chapter.

Several mothers and daughters were honored with The Mother-Daughter Award, which is given to all the mother/daughter teams who served 25 philanthropy hours together in the service year.  Congratulations to Cindy and Brooke Botti, Cissy and Bonnie Coleman, Cissy and Grace Coleman, Stephanie and Isabella Coons, Janet and Megan Gorman, Petra and Philomena Klotz, Joann and Alivia Michaels, Denise and Carleigh Roberson, and April and Lilly Vineyard.

As a time-honored tradition at the annual kick-off meeting, the senior class also revealed their custom-designed senior t-shirt which perfectly aligned with chapter president April Vineyard’s theme for the year, ”Don’t Stop Believing”.

The National Charity League is a nonprofit organization established in 1925 that guides mothers and daughters in three pillars; philanthropy, leadership development, and culture. As a multi-generational philanthropic organization, NCL mothers and daughters give close to three million volunteer hours annually to more than 6,000 charities in the United States with the mission to foster mother-daughter relationships through an ongoing commitment to philanthropy, culture, and leadership.

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