Women Owned, Respect Driven

Honest 1 Auto Care

As women, when it comes to automotive care, we tend to not be taken seriously. We are looked at as a hassle; clueless humans that need everything to be explained to them. It can be frustrating when you encounter these types of situations when many of us are independent women that are fully capable of deciding what type of oil we would like in our own car. That’s why it’s so incredibly special that Castle Hills is home to Honest 1 Auto Care. It’s an auto care shop that is co-owned and operated by two independent females who are ready to take over the automobile world, one car service at a time.

Originally, co-owners Robin Mainer and Kimera Shepler started out in Insurance sales. However, due to drastic changes in the industry, both women made the decision to leave and take some time off to figure out what they wanted to do. One day, Kimera came to Robin with a career move that she received as an idea from her financial advisor – a women-owned oil change shop. “I told her that she needed a new financial advisor,” Robin laughed.

However, Robin took this advice to the Lord. She prayed that whatever His will was, He would show it to her in threes. Number 1 – Kimera’s financial advisor brings up the idea.

One day, Robin walked into an auto shop to get an oil change. “He immediately told me to go sit down,” Robin recalled. “Not long after I sat, a man came in and got completely different customer service. And he was just setting up an appointment! I was actually receiving the service.” Robin looked to the two other women waiting and asked if the same thing had happened to them. When they confirmed, the other women asked her to say something and she did. When she asked the employee why she and the other women didn’t receive that same hospitality, his response was that he didn’t want to have to explain it all to them. Highly offended, all of the women left the shop and never looked back. A man in an oil change shop showing prejudice against women? That was number 2.

Robin had never been used to this kind of service when it came to automotive care. Her brother owned a service shop and had always taken care of her. “He’s not the ‘Can I get you a coffee?’ type of customer service. He’s the ‘What would you like in your coffee?’ type of service,” Robin told.

Robin’s brother called her and invited both her and Kimera over to his house one evening and it was then that he presented the idea of a women-owned auto care shop. That was number 3. From there, Honest 1 Auto Care was born.

When you walk through the doors of Honest 1 Auto Care, you’re met with the most comfortable leather chairs, a charging station where you can work and relax, a gourmet snack and coffee bar, as well as a kid’s play area. “We wanted people to come in and feel at home,” Robin said.

Not only do their customers feel at home, but they also feel as if they are a friend or members of the family. Robin personally drives all of their customers home and picks them back up to bring them to their car when it’s ready. “It’s been a great way for me to build personal relationships with our customers,” Robin commented.

Robin, Kimera, and their team at Honest 1 Auto Care realize that they wouldn’t be seeing any of their success without their loyal customers and the amazing support of the Castle Hills community. Because of the community’s amazing generosity, Honest 1 Auto Care has made it its mission to give back. They are involved in multiple nonprofits throughout the area and find joy and value in helping others by donating money, supplies, and time.

When it comes to quality and equality auto care, you will never find anywhere that compares to Honest 1 Auto Care. Robin and Kimera never dreamed that they would be trailblazers in this male-dominated industry, but they know that they are exactly where God intended them to be.

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