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The Nest Christian Academy Learning Comes to Life

The Nest Christian Academy

Nest kids enter a world where letters have stories, songs, and surprises, creating a truly immersive learning experience. Nest Phonics captures the imagination of young minds with a rhythmic, kinesthetic element. The catchy tunes and playful moves make every letter of the alphabet an interactive adventure. Just introduced, the newly published and science-based phonics program created by the innovators at The Nest Christian
Academy is unprecedented in the early childhood education industry. Exactly what is the story behind this exceptional preschool and kindergarten? 

Founder Suzanne Anderson’s faith-based life, entrepreneurial background, and valuable business experience in taking innovative products and services to the marketplace serve her well as the visionary team leader. Founding teacher Kendra Estrada’s significant contributions to the school make her the perfect teacher and classroom testing consultant. The leadership team of three was complete when Crystal Grant, education specialist, and curriculum writer, joined forces to take The Nest Christian Academy on a journey of developing and publishing an academically strong, biblically integrated curriculum. The team is enhanced by literacy expert and teacher Aimee Buckert with classroom testing for best practices at Nest School.

This accomplished and talented group works together to build best practices for reading instruction. With the goal of being an early childhood education game-changer, Suzanne set a mission of ensuring children learn a Christian worldview, biblically integrating an accurate image of who God is and what God does, all while insisting on the highest level of academic standards. Research shows many lasting impressions are established
by the time a child is between three and seven years old, and “My personal testimony of lifelong Bible teaching experienced in church, the home, and in my own education and experience affirms the importance of early spiritual teaching and its lifelong impact,” Suzanne said. Worldview thinking or spiritual formation takes place in these key early years. Nest curriculum includes a journey through the Bible laid out in nine themed units with a
character word and memory verse. This training lasts children a lifetime and is good for everyone to live by. 

Students recite three promises each day — “I will work hard and do my best.” (Colossians 3:23) “I will obey the first time, every time.”(Exodus 20:12) And “I will show the love of Jesus in everything I do and say.” (John 4:7). The newly created and unique Nest Knowledge curriculum also provides students with a significant academic advantage socially, intellectually, and spiritually as they advance toward higher education. It is well known that reading is the most important thing young students need to learn in school. “The time has come for us to share with other schools our exciting and lasting educational experience through our curriculum,” Suzanne said.

At Nest School, beautifully housed within Oak Hills Church in Argyle, the science of reading practices is implemented, and they have seen the reading abilities of students skyrocket. Nest teachers are revolutionizing the way reading is taught. The result is confident, happy little learners. The relationship between the letters of written language and the sounds of spoken language are foundational for early readers. Nest Phonics incorporates this principle into its phonics instructions and captures the imagination of young minds with animated characters, songs, motions, and even fun little props. With Nest Phonics, learning has never been so fun! To expand its mission of bringing these exciting educational tools and ideas to the world, the Nest team is also launching a video podcast called “In The Nest Show.” Episodes will be available weekly beginning in early 2024. The Nest School is loved by students, parents and teachers. And now the magical Nest Knowledge curriculum is making learning fun for little children everywhere. As both an exemplary school and a curriculum innovator, Nest Knowledge gives little learners exactly what they need…the best start.

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