A Shiny New Business

GK’s Window Cleaning

“If I was in another place doing all this, I probably could not have gotten this far,” said Grayson. “Lakeside is the only reason I have been so successful with this.”

A born entrepreneur, 14-year-old Grayson Soderholm has been heading his own window-cleaning business, GK’s Window Cleaning LLC, for the past year. 

Grayson grew up in a military family, frequently traveling overseas and throughout the U.S. before settling down in Flower Mound five years ago. He thanks this background for his independence — Grayson learned responsibility from an early age, be it through solo-traveling to school in Japan or starting a new business venture to fund his skateboard figurine collection. 

It was during his latest gig, a lemonade stand coined the “Lakeside Lemonade Kid,” where he discovered his love for meeting people and the power of a good community in his journey towards entrepreneurship. Hoping to add a more mature look to his 4-year lemonade stand pursuit, Grayson hopped on YouTube where he found his new niche and transformed his business into the thriving GK’s Window Cleaning. 

“I was watching multiple training videos from SteveO the Window Cleaner and realized that I could do this, too!” Grayson said. 

Within two months, Grayson had invested in specialty equipment from Window Cleaning Resource and recruited his first business, Lakeside Urban Grocery. Today, Grayson has built up an impressive client list, including Trailhead Running Supply, Mannatech, The Tavern, and Starbucks. 

His success has allowed him to grow his company, employing four other hard workers and enabling GK’s Window Cleaning to expand to surrounding areas which feature businesses such as Lambeau’s America, Shoal Creek, Verf’s, as well as several shops in Parker Square like SHINE Fitness and Lighthouse Chiropractic. Grayson’s dream building, however, has always been the RESULTS Center, a think tank which hosts some of the world’s most accomplished businessmen and is one of the premiere buildings in Flower Mound.  

In September, Grayson realized his dream when he met with Tony Jeary, founder of the RESULTS Center and strategist, keynoter, and author of over seventy titles.  Perhaps most importantly, Jeary was a frequenter of Grayson’s lemonade stand, where the two first made a connection founded by their mutual entrepreneurial drive. 

Jeary, inspired by Grayson’s ambitious spirit and hunger to expand his business, was happy to join the client list of such a like-minded individual—and even happier with his results! 

GK’s Window Cleaning offers professional interior and exterior window cleaning, and screen, mirror, and shower door cleaning with specialized tools such as a water purification system. These help Grayson and his team offer such competitive services to both commercial and residential buildings.  

Grayson aims to make his first million by the time he is 18-years-old. Grayson also volunteers his time with a local non-profit organization called “Broken Halos Haven,” and, due to his strong faith, he believes in tithing 10% of every job. In the meantime, you can support his dream by contacting him for a free in-person quote and get your own squeaky clean windows.

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