The Archer Siblings’ Passion: Giving Back

At the piano sits a young girl playing a beautiful rendition of “Stairway to Heaven.” Beside her, her brother accompanies her on a guitar. She is Sarah Archer, 26-year-old owner of North Fort Worth Music Academy. He is Aaron Archer, 29-year-old owner of Archer Performance Training and Fitness. It’s a memory from their shared past, a perfect illustration of their unbreakable bond. It’s also a part of their shared present and will, no doubt, reach into what will become their shared future.

“Sarah and I have been close our entire lives and opening our own businesses next door to each other has brought us even closer,” Aaron explained.

Sarah and Aaron were homeschooled by their mother, allowing them to focus on their individual talents. For Sarah, it was music. “My passion for music ignited at age seven when I began piano lessons,” she said. “I knew I loved playing the piano, but after teaching my first piano lesson, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else. I wanted to make an impact on people’s lives through music, and teaching was the way to do it.” From that moment, she began putting in motion everything revealed to her.

After starting college at age fifteen, Sarah quickly decided to pursue a career in music and has since earned a Bachelor of Arts in Piano and a Master of Arts in Piano Pedagogy, both from Texas Woman’s University in Denton.

“I began teaching from our home while in school,” Sarah explained, “but after graduating, I outgrew my home studio and needed to find a dedicated teaching space to accommodate my rapidly growing student list. My goal was to create an atmosphere where students of all ages felt inspired to learn.”

Sarah searched for a space, and her dream became a reality when she found the perfect location at 3348 Peden Rd., Suite 100, in Fort Worth.

“I firmly believe God led me to this very place. It was just a shell space which meant I could finish it out exactly as I envisioned. I feel incredibly blessed to have a career that brings me constant joy.”

Sarah found Suite 100 and next to it was Suite 200 – empty!

Aaron grew up involved in sports, and although he started out in engineering when he began college at age seventeen, he decided to fulfill his dream of shaping a career from his passion for fitness.

The siblings commuted to Texas Woman’s University together, and while Sarah pursued music, Aaron set his sights on a degree in Exercise Science. He began training private fitness clients to build a base, and like Sarah’s music students, his client list grew more rapidly than anticipated.

“It’s almost as if we led parallel lives,” Aaron said. “Sarah was teaching private piano students at home, and I was training 40 private fitness clients. I drove to all of them, so we decided I needed to consolidate my business, and she needed to expand hers.” Suite 200 is no longer empty. It’s now home to Archer Performance Training and Fitness.

Aaron is an expert in strength and conditioning, passive stretching, and mobility. His expertise revolves around learning how to move the body correctly and more efficiently. “This approach isn’t mainstream now, but it will be in another 10 years,” he said.

“People who learn how to use their bodies correctly gain access to more range of motion. That leads to better performance and a better quality of life.

“I compete in Jiu Jitsu,” he continued, “and many of my clients are professional Jiu Jitsu players and PGA tour professionals.” Overall, however, he offers services to a diverse client base of all fitness levels because “Being able to help people in ways that aren’t easily available elsewhere, and to see the impact of what I am doing in such a tangible way is truly gratifying.”

There was something special going on during those homeschooling days. Maybe it wasn’t specifically articulated. Maybe it wasn’t visible. But it was something deep and lasting; something that entered the core of the two young kids and rooted. It filled them with a spirit of confidence and trust. It inspired them to work hard for what they wanted, and it directed them to want something that also helped others.


Sarah Archer/North Fort Worth Music Academy

3348 Peden Rd./ Suite 100



Aaron Archer/Archer Performance Training and Fitness

3348 Peden Rd./Suite 200


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