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Halo Storm Restoration

Chris Mortimer, owner of HALO Storm Restoration, has been in the roofing and restoration business for the past 13 years. He originally studied Psychology at Texas Tech University and, upon graduation, went into the real estate business selling Lakefront property on Richland Chambers Lake. “I loved selling lake lots in the country, but decided for a career change to move back to the big city,” Chris said.

Chris, full of motivation, started a new career in construction. This would be with a national roofing company. “It was great training, but to be honest, I was not the best door-knocker,” Chris said. “I could do it for a little while, and although I don’t get embarrassed easily, it just didn’t feel right.” Eventually, someone took him under their wings and taught him that just like in real estate, it is all about building relationships. That is when his success in roofing took off.

A break-out year for HALO Storm Restoration was in 2017. Hail hit Chris’s house and all his neighbors of Lantana. “To be honest, when it first hit, I was nervous. Not only was my house in trouble, but all my neighbors were also in the same boat.” Chris completed over 100 neighbors’ projects in Lantana that year.

Not only was he nominated for top 3 Best of Denton County in 2018, but he would overcome a five-time incumbent and win that year. “It was such an underdog story, and never did I think my small company would win.” Chris said, “It was such an honor.”

This year, when hail hit Lake Cities, Chris was top of the list for one of Murray Media’s own, Lizzy Hoffman. “When the hail hit, all I could think about was calling Chris first thing in the morning,” Lizzy said. Chris was on the scene with Lizzy the next day. After inspection, it was determined that the hail was so severe, it was going through her shingles, and had a lot of potential for leaks. Lizzy said, “Chris’s crew was there the very next day.”

HALO’s roofing system is unique as they are manufacturer certified from North America’s largest manufacturer of shingles, GAF. All of HALO’s roofing systems come with a lifetime warranty not only on materials but also installation. Long story short, you will never have to worry about a leak or a hold-up in selling your house because of a roof issue again. Chris says, “I can’t guarantee you won’t get hit by hail again, but I can guarantee you won’t have to worry about your roof unless
you do.”

But it’s not just Halo Storm Restoration’s outstanding customer service that sets them apart, it’s also the quality of work that they provide. “The number one corner that gets cut when re-roofing a house is removing the shingles, but not removing the underlayment.” Chris mentioned, “We like to say that we like our roofs naked. Seems simple enough, but the only way for us to start from a fresh canvas is to see it from its bare bones.”

Advice from local insurance agents is to always have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof before filing a claim. Not only does this prevent a lot of unnecessary claims, but also will help you prepare for your upcoming adjuster appointment. Chris says, “I always will show up a little early for an adjuster appointment. This way I can mark all the damage I see with chalk so that the adjuster will put this on their initial scope of work.”

And to top off his excellent dedication to each customer, Chris is going above and beyond with this particular article. The phone number listed below is his cell phone number. “I will personally handle all claims that come from this article myself,” Chris added. Each customer is able to call or text him to set up a conversation.

In the world of roofing and restoration, you won’t find anyone better than Halo Storm Restoration. With their quality-products, amazing customer service, and dedication to each customer’s happiness, it’s easy to see why Halo Storm Restoration is so beloved by our local DFW communities.

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